The Breath of God

God said:

When I created the cosmos, I took a breath and from My breath, existence manifested. From the exhalation of My breath, the created world began. I drew a breath in, and I blew a breath out, and then there was creation spread out before Me and for all to see and inhabit.

From the depth of My breath came you. From the depths of My being exhaled into the world came you. One complete breath of Mine, and you appeared. How far My breath extended! I inhaled deeply and I exhaled fully. I did not stop short. I did not hold any of My breath in. I took it in, and I breathed it out, all of it. I completed you. You are complete.

Most of My children do not breathe enough, not enough in and not enough out, and not deeply enough. Or you breathe in but do not breathe out fully. You keep some breath in reserve. Breathe in and out more, and you will be more creative.

You forget to breathe. Your breathing is hushed. You do not want to disturb the universe. You do not want to call attention to yourself. You are not certain that the air is for you to drench yourself in. You are hesitant. You contract your lungs rather than expand them. It is My will that you expand them.

Consider that with every breath in, you are breathing in My energy. And with every breath out, you expel My energy. You do not lose it. You do not give it up. You are not sacrificing it. You extend it. You extend it to the world. You circulate My energy. You already know that you nourish the trees.

Breathing is a not a selfish act. It is a generous thing. Expand your lungs, and your heart will be massaged and comforted and strengthened. Strengthen your breathing by use of it. Exercise your breathing apparatus.

Consider that Mother Earth welcomes your breath. It listens for it. Your breath moves the earth. You motivate the earth. You create a rhythm for the earth to respond to.

Everything on earth is to be circulated. Everything is reciprocal. That is why you do not count and measure. All is for all.

Consider that with each breath in, your breath is saying: "I accept Your gifts, God." And with each breath out, you are saying: "God, thank You, God." One circle of the universe completes itself.

Take time to breathe.

Consider breathing like drinking pure mountain water, and drink plenty.

Consider breathing like your eyes taking in a beautiful sight, or seeing with new eyes.

Consider breathing like your ears hearing a music, and you the piano that furthers the music.

Consider each breath an act of magic.

Consider that I am warming you with My breath still.

Consider that, like your thoughts, your breath reaches everywhere.

You are one who breathes.

Consider that you breathe in My love.

Consider that you breathe in My understanding.

Consider that with each breath you take, I am kneading you. I prepare you for more wonders to perform.

Do not minimize the importance of your taking breaths upon earth.

Consider your breath like the moon that makes the tide of the ocean rise and fall.

Consider that your breathing pumps the universe.

Consider your breath an arbor you make for roses.

Consider that your breathing is like the laying out of a red carpet upon the earth for all to walk on in glory.

Consider your breathing like carpet you roll out for Me to walk on.