love yourself

Tell Yourself New Bedtime Stories

God said:

What is most the matter with you is that you think something is the matter with you. That is a trap you build, and you fall into it. Take a look at what is good with you, and see how you feel. When you feel discouraged, you have encouraged discouragement. You are the instigator of it. You may give testimony to the value of positive thinking, yet you throw punches at yourself. Do not even throw one punch. Be your own spokesperson to yourself. You are the one you have to dissuade from negative thinking, for you have excelled at it when it comes to you yourself.

A River of Love

God said:

You are a beautiful jewel that I hold in My hand and turn to the light. How you catch the light, and in so many ways! I turn you toward the Sun, and you become all light. My light and your light become One. There is no longer My hand holding you. There is simply Our light shining.

Let Go of Lists of Errors

God said:

Where did that anxiety you feel in your stomach come from?

How to Love Yourself

God said:

My children, feel My presence now. I want My love to waft through you. Notice, My love holds you freely. Holds and frees, do you understand? You have My love no matter what. When you get up, you have My love. When you don't get up, you have My love. My love is dependent upon My love, and not anything else. Not what you do or don't do. My love is a gift. It is not pay for work. There is nothing that can take My love away from you, and there is nothing you have to do to have more of it. My love is for you. It is inalterably given. All you have to do is pick it up.

The Center of Yourself

God said:

You are to love yourself. This is My commandment. Love yourself, and you will love your neighbor. You are your own neighbor. Do not stint your love any longer. Consider yourself your own child, and be kind. Be generous. Be benevolent. Be on the side of love more than anything else. Do not make the demands on yourself that you do. Demand less. Give more. Encircle yourself with love.

The Plum of Your Heart

God said:

You were made in My image. Love is the only true. If your heart aches, you, in your heart, are not being true. Sometimes you fight your love. It is not a lie that you love. The lie is that you do not.

Your heart will open again. The plum of your heart is filled to bursting with love. Anything else you spy in your heart is a thief in the night.

And so now forgive what ails you. Forgiveness means that you withdraw your armaments. Disarm yourself. Return to innocence.

You are not to guard yourself. Nor are you to mourn.

Your Heart Is a Star of Light

God said:

My grace I give to you. All is My grace. I graciously bestow the world to you and you to the world. I am most gracious in My gifts to you. Sometimes you recognize My gifts as gifts and sometimes you do not. Surely, you must accept that life itself is a gift, and that it makes sense to receive and acknowledge a gift that has been given you. How will your life be different when you recognize life itself as a great gift? You will have thrown off any concepts of life as burden and accepted the grace of God.

The Star of Your Movie

God said:

Life is what you call it. Your words determine your life. Call it heads, and it is heads. Call it tails, and it is tails. Life is something you stir, put the cover on, serve to yourself and others. The soup of life may seem to come to you ready-made, but, even then, you are the purchaser of it. At least, you are the packager. At least, you carry it with you.

Guilt No More

God said:

Guilt is not honorable. It is a repeated appraisal. It is ego supreme. You punish yourself with guilt, as if punishment would erase error. Erase the concept of guilt. Erase the concept of sin, and guilt will evanesce.

Who are you to lend so much importance to what you see as error? In terms of the whole configuration of the universe, you cannot say with certainty what error is. You see only such a small part of life. Merely the twitch of a horse's tail.

In the Universe of Your Thought

God said:

You are not pushing a boulder up a mountain only to have it fall again. You are not pushing a boulder at all. Nothing blocks you from reaching the mountain top except for your own desultoriness.

You think your life is aimless, purposeless, random, and that you cannot pick yourself up from it.

You discourage yourself. You deter yourself. Change all that and become a champion of yourself. Bet on yourself.

You have made great strides. You know you are farther along than you were. You know you progress. You do not retrogress.

And you do not go around in circles.

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