Have Trust

God said:

I, your Father in Heaven and on Earth, have given you everything.

How is it then that you can lack confidence? Confidence I would give to you. Have it now. We commune in confidence. Now have the surety that goes along with My confidence. When I have trust in you, why do you not have trust in yourself? There are two things to be most confident in — Myself and yourSelf. In God and Self We trust.

Godwriting, Godliving

God said:

When you write My words, you do not know where they are going. But you write them anyway.

I may say, "There are three points to consider." Having no idea what the three points are, you nevertheless write down: "There are three points to consider." Boldly you write down what you hear Me say. You have trust that that is what I said, and you have trust that you heard it. You have trust enough so that you write it down.

You follow My words. You follow My thought. You follow My Will. That is Godwriting.

And this is the way to live life.

Your Flight to Greatness

God said:

Without your prescribed boundaries, you feel that you are flying blind. And that is exactly what you must do. You can only fly blind. Any parameters you put down are interference. The fact is that you fly blind anyway. You write down these little mooring places and think that means you know where you are going. You don't even know where you have been, My children.

You fly blind, or it is not flying. Flying by the stars, that is another thing. But you have to know the wisdom of the stars in order to rely on them.

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