Godwriting, Godliving

God said:

When you write My words, you do not know where they are going. But you write them anyway.

I may say, "There are three points to consider." Having no idea what the three points are, you nevertheless write down: "There are three points to consider." Boldly you write down what you hear Me say. You have trust that that is what I said, and you have trust that you heard it. You have trust enough so that you write it down.

You follow My words. You follow My thought. You follow My Will. That is Godwriting.

And this is the way to live life.

You do not have to know where you are going. You do not have to know the steps. You do not have to know the next step.

You follow an aroma as if from a bakery. You can't see it. You don't know for sure where it is coming from, but you follow it. That is Godliving.

You cross a river. You do not see the bridge, but you walk on it anyway. That is the path of life. That is Godliving.

It is taking steps one after the other.

You don't chase life, but you pursue it.

You are the patient Buddha who enjoys whatever is around him, and you are the valiant explorer who sets out to seek his fortune. It is your fortune you are seeking. It is your destiny that you follow. You don't know what it is, yet you follow it.

I have told you your fortune. I have told you where you are going and that you go with Me, and I with you.

It is as if I have given you a coloring book, and now you are just filling in the spaces. The difference is that in life there are no precise lines. It is all your coloring. The whole page. And many colors are at your disposal. Your hand reaches in for a color that you cannot see until you pull it out.

Much trust is required in Human life. Whether you trust or not makes no difference while at the same time, it makes all the difference in the world.

Trust is confidence. It is not flying blind. It is following a flight plan. It's just that you do not see the plan.

How My children want to predict everything! How much they want to follow numbered spaces and connecting lines!

Let Me assure you that walking without boundaries is not aimless. It is purposeful. You know the purpose, which is to find Me. It's just that you do not know the specific course.

There is a line on the horizon that is imaginary. When you reach the horizon, it has moved. There never was a line. The horizon moves as if on waves.

And that is how you move as well.

You walk an escalator of life, except the escalator you walk on is curved. You walk it and it moves. You ride on it as you walk. You follow the escalator. You do not decide its path. All the way the escalator guides you.

You climb a ladder of life. You keep climbing. The ladder leads only to Heaven. You are climbing to Heaven, or you are riding an escalator to it, or a horse, or a unicorn, or a horizon.

It is enough to climb the ladder.

Death of the body does not bring you to Heaven. It brings your awareness to Heaven. You have never been out of Heaven, so how could death of the body bring you here?

Your whole life you don't go anywhere but where you already are. You are simultaneous. You are nowhere and you are everywhere. You are on Earth and you are in Heaven. I am out of your sight, but you are in Mine. My eyes and My heart follow you. I catch your every step.

Your life falls from My lips like words from your pen. You are My signature. You are the loops of My existence. It is My life you live. You live it for Me. I give you life so that you may come to Me without ever having left.