living in the moment

This Moment of Eternity

God said:

You are learning to release. You are learning to release expectations. And you are learning to release the past. Past and future are two major things to release. And what are the past and future to you but memories or imaginings or demands that you make of them or wish to undo? You want to reinvent the past and command the future, yet past and future are what they are. The present is what it is too. What is, is. And so you release the present as well. You hold on to nothing.

You and Today Are a Twosome

God said:

Ignorance is not bliss, but innocence is. Innocent, you are happy. What does innocence mean? It means you are not caught up in the past. It means you look at everything with new eyes, not old. In innocence, your eyes are bright and your face merry.

Fresh off the Vine

God said:

Troubles of the past are no more than troubled thoughts of the past. The past is misbegotten. And the past is illusory. Desist bringing the past into the present. It is an exercise in futility. You can never win this game you play. Lose the past, and keep today viable and vibrant. Chew the candy that life offers you today. When you come across old candy, throw it away. It had its time, but now that time is past. Get some fresh candy today.

What Would You Like to Fill Your Heart With?

God said:

Don't worry about being rash, and don't worry about being plodding. You will come to the perfect balance. Sometimes you rush in, and sometimes you wait too long. You will catch up to life without rushing and without plodding. Life isn't something you have to catch up with. You just have to step in, the same way you step into a dance, or the way you jump rope, or the way you so welcomingly enter a pond on a hot summer day. It doesn't matter so much how you enter. It just matters that you enter.

In the Vastness

God said:

Let Us take a breath today and not ponder anything. Let's just stroll through a park or a fairy garden or lie in a field or on a raft on a lake and look up at the sky. Let Us truly be at ease like on a lazy summer day, and not think and wonder at all. Let's just look up at the sky and feel its beauty and move into its Vastness and allow Ourselves to stay there. Let Us not wander further than Vastness. Let Us just enjoy Vastness and take it for Our own. Let Us do nothing today but loll about in love, loving where We are and Who We are and Everything.

And the World Turns

God said:

It is like this. You wrote a play once, and you didn't get to finish the rehearsal. You forgot the play. You forgot all about it, and yet a secret part of you has a recollection and wants to continue it. You want to see this play before your very eyes. It is not exactly that you finish where you left off, yet it is something like that.

Impulses Don't Hang Around

God said:

Listen to your impulses. This does not necessarily mean to heed them, beloveds, but to hear them. If the impulses would do no harm to you or another, then, by all means, act on them.

If you have an impulse to call an old aunt, call her. If you have an impulse to walk in the park, by all means, walk in the park. If you have an impulse to stop what you're doing and do something else, go ahead and try it. Man cannot live by rule alone.

An impulse is more than an idea, you understand. An impulse calls from deep within. You may have impulses that you have no idea from where they come.

When Blossoms Fall

God said:

How can anyone be depressed when trees grow and flowers bloom? How can any heart feel depressed when even one apple grows on a tree? When one baby smiles. When there is even one such a thing as a baby gerbil to steal your heart. When there is music. When every forest is a work of art. When a crayon can make a mark on paper. When children play. When there are choo-choo trains. When there are puddles to stomp in. When winds blow. When blossoms that fall nourish their trees for the next year. When everything has a purpose. When purpose has a purpose.

The Far Reaches of Your Life

God said:

When I say that each one of you on Earth is indispensable, you find that hard to believe. But it is true. Each of you fills a place in the weave of the world. I did put you where you are. It was not a flip of the coin. I chose you to do something for Me. You were needed in the spot you are. And now you can make something of it. You can just fill space or you can enliven the space you fill. The point is that I picked you for something important that only you can fulfill.

Remember Truth

God said:

You think too much. You have heard that before. You remember too much as well. You bank on your memories. You store them and count them out like ten-dollar bills. You amass them, and think they hold you together. Memories are just strings from the past. They are a decoration. They are not the substance of you. They are immaterial to you. But you think somehow that they add up to you, are equivalent, are revealing, are important.

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