This Moment of Eternity

God said:

You are learning to release. You are learning to release expectations. And you are learning to release the past. Past and future are two major things to release. And what are the past and future to you but memories or imaginings or demands that you make of them or wish to undo? You want to reinvent the past and command the future, yet past and future are what they are. The present is what it is too. What is, is. And so you release the present as well. You hold on to nothing.

In an unplanned moment when you trip and fall down the stairs, let's say, you are humbly tumbling down the stairs. You are in the midst of what you are in the midst of. You witness it. You have a calmness as it is happening. All you can do is to watch yourself falling. You aren't really doing anything. Do you see what I mean?

Later you may kick yourself and later you may object and may even ask Me how I could let that happen, yet, at the moment you are falling, you are engaged in falling. You are falling, and that is what is happening. You are unable to stop in the middle. You cannot rewind the tape. The fall is going to continue on its way until it is finished. And so is it with life, beloveds.

Life, of course, is a rising. Even as you trip and fall, you are rising.

Even when you run to the past or run to the future, you are rising. Despite gravity, you are always rising. In the same way, even when you visit the past, you are in the moment in the present revisiting the past. And when you are planning and ordering your future, you are in the present moment as you think about your future. Your focus on the present is a little blurred perhaps, yet you are in the present.

Dream your future, beloveds, and then let go of it. Do not stamp your foot about the future. You can stamp your foot all you want and make all the demands you want, and yet the future does not have to obey your demands. And so you let go of the future and you let go of the past. Let them be free, and you be free.

Just as with your free fall down the stairs, you witness what occurs. You don't have to be attached to what occurs or what does not occur, or what has or has not occurred.

You are traveling in Infinity, beloveds. Infinity is a wide open space, and Eternity, Infinity's buddy, is also wide open. There is no falling into or out of either Infinity or Eternity.

So what is all the fuss that My children make? It is nothing at all. My, yes, it seems big. It seems enormous. It seems huge. Whatever you are fussing about, it seems like the biggest thing in the world, and, yet, it is still nothing. You are absorbed in it. It is your drama, and still it is nothing at all. Whatever you are fussing about does not even leave a mark on Infinity and Eternity, which are, after all, two sides of the same coin. One you call space, and the other you call time.

What seems to happen in space and time is nothing at all. It is only the relative world. You might as well have joy from the relative world, this seeming drama that captures you and winds you around its little finger. You can unwind yourself from its grip, and that's how you can have much joy from it, this one moment of Infinity and Eternity that you are in at this very moment.

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DEAREST MAESTRO OF THE UNIVERSE! We love you for this message you extend
to us in GREAT LOVE!! It's so true, we do love drama, we get caught up in it daily,
and it seems like such a BIG DEAL! WOW! BIG DEAL, INDEED!
As you so kindly and lovingly remind us, this is a relative world, after all. Nothing at all
permanent about it. I fall down the stairs, boy that seems like a HUGE DEAL TO US.
I probably broke a foot or a leg, or an arm, and that's DRAMA BIG TIME, to us!

This really makes me lol. Laugh out loud!!

Everything that happens in the relative world is NADA! A plane crashes - to YOU,
nothing at all has happened, for Infinity and Eternity are your BIG BUSINESS, AND


LIVE and learn

Infinity sounds like a big word to wrap our heads around but for me it's best understood as NOW stretched our forever.

Being rather old I fall now and then. One day I fell five times while fighting a virus. I stopped on my knees, lifted my hands toward heaven and shouted: "I hope you're getting a kick out of this, God!" I laughed and eventually got strong enough to clean up my home, myself, mind, thoughts, and some other stuff. Life's a kick for me, but at times it gets a little hard. Learning at the feet of God is fantastic, and the nice thing is HE always gives me an "A" or a flower, or my Llama friends. Gloria's part of the prize.

George grinning more

No one wants you to fall,

No one wants you to fall, most beloved George.

God bless your llamas, dear friend.


Gloria, your words warm my heart. I'll tell my old muscles to be more careful!

George breathing harder (because of joy!)

All that fuss

Whatever you are fussing about, it seems like the biggest thing in the world, and, yet, it is still nothing

Well. God has always right. We are fussing very much (I am the first)

You are absorbed in it.

I'm feelling ridiculous. Let's think: fuss, fuss, fuss all around, all our life fussing and this is nothing, at all, loosed time, loosed life. No one track will remain like a blackboard set up.

One day, few years ago, I was very angry (don't remember about what) and I shouted:"When I was going to die what I will say? Oh, chabbege, I haven't cleaned my floor enought? I haven't cleaned my home enought?" Immediately I stopped my mouth and a new life-style rised in me. But I have continued to fuss. "I don't want that, I would differently this, why that happened..." and so on. Nothing, only drama, the same for everyone, any matter be.
I have noticed that the most important things in my life I lived them with the inspiraton of my soul, like a lesson to learn, also dramatic things I had. I lived the stupid life things fussing and fussing. What's a nonsense it is! Total absorbed by nothing. Focusing to nothing. Thinking about nothing. Living nothing at all.

Dear My, nothingness and You, two faces of the same coin. Now I have the coin.

Fussing with JOY.

Pitta, you make my heart very light and happy.

George smiling about fussing

1 Heavenletter Haiku for

1 Heavenletter Haiku for you

Hello Friends,

God said release it
Dream your future Beloveds
And then let it go

Love, Light and Aloha!