time and eternity

This Moment of Eternity

God said:

You are learning to release. You are learning to release expectations. And you are learning to release the past. Past and future are two major things to release. And what are the past and future to you but memories or imaginings or demands that you make of them or wish to undo? You want to reinvent the past and command the future, yet past and future are what they are. The present is what it is too. What is, is. And so you release the present as well. You hold on to nothing.

Look at the Stars

God said:

Let's have a lazy day today, you and I. Let's lie awhile on a white cloud and ponder the blue skies and Heaven and Earth. Let's be serene today with nothing on Our minds except how nice it is to be together in the Oneness of Love. How nice it is just to be. Nothing to have to do, nothing to take care of, to just be love escalating and revolving throughout the Universe.

Let Us just recline today. Let's let the world take care of itself today. Everything is lined up, and everything will appear on cue.

Time, Pace, Infinity, and Language

Gloria to God:

About time, sometimes I feel I pursue it, or I try to pull it along, and it is mightier than I am. Like getting the HEAVEN web page together, learning Money 99 — it seems to be dragging on forever.

Is there something inside me that is holding this back, or is it supposed to happen in its own time?



The Vastness

God said:

Time does not exist. Because you think it does, you radiate your life around it. And so you become impatient or you become bored, all because of your concept of time. Time is an accepted concept and so you accept it as true and it becomes true to you. Undeniably true.

Be Glad When You Are Mistaken

God said:

Let yourself be mistaken. You do not always have to be right. You do not have to be proven right nor do you have to prove someone else wrong. What is changed, beloveds, whether you or anyone is correct or incorrect? Either way, it is a passing fancy. Only to an ego here or there does it matter.

Count your mistakes as great steps to learning. You are on the path of learning. Do not be dismayed because you learned something, even when you did not want to learn it.

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