The Vastness

God said:

Time does not exist. Because you think it does, you radiate your life around it. And so you become impatient or you become bored, all because of your concept of time. Time is an accepted concept and so you accept it as true and it becomes true to you. Undeniably true. You live in a realm of time, and so you believe it must be so. And you set your clocks by it. You even set them ahead or behind according to some kind of decision.

In the same way, you garner space, and you depend on it. You make maps of it and you locate it everywhere just as you locate every nick of time everywhere. Time and space meet in your mind and are welded into a square angle, one meeting the other in a concise tribute to fantasy marked in your mind as reality.

And yet, even so, you do think of time and space as vast. You do have some inkling of vastness. You like it. Wide open space and wide open time. No end to either. All the time in the world, and unmeasured space yet undiscovered. You explore space, and still it is a concept in your mind. You have hemmed space and time very neatly. Precise, precise. You have made marks on vastness and held them up for all the world to see.

And yet the thought of vastness makes you happy. Sense the difference in how you feel when you think you must be somewhere at 8 o'clock as compared to how you feel when time does not boss you around. Sense the difference in how you feel when you think of space further and greater than the eye can see as compared to your property line. The American West of yesteryear holds great appeal to you just the way outer space does. You, beloveds, do not like to be confined in time or space. You do not like to be confined. Confinement is not natural to you. Limits of any kind are not natural to you. Timelessness and spacelessness are natural to you. Freedom is natural to you.

Leap with Me into borderless space and time. Without borders, how do time and space even exist? Borderless, they are vastness itself. Bordered, they are bits of vastness seen, measured, and held down.

If you were not so entrenched in the concept of time and space, what troubles in the world could there be? What would wars be fought over when even an imaginary line does not exist? And what fulfillment of desire of yours could ever be late when time is not marked? What happens would happen when it happens, and there would be no early and there would be no late. What would there be? There would be Being, as there is now, but Being would be known. Well-known.

Without the space formation of bodies, you would know everyone for the sweetness they are. Where could fault lie when Being stars in the universe and all recognize Being? Disagreement would vanish in the agreement of soul. There would no place for disparity. Oneness would become the reality it actually is when no longer obscured behind the masks of the physical.

The physical can only be a mask of reality. Behind the mask lies eternity and infinity, and I tell you now, regardless of man-made definition, there is no difference between the two. When time and space do not exist, no distinction between infinity and eternity exists either, for there is oneness, oneness, oneness.