This Moment of Eternity

God said:

You are learning to release. You are learning to release expectations. And you are learning to release the past. Past and future are two major things to release. And what are the past and future to you but memories or imaginings or demands that you make of them or wish to undo? You want to reinvent the past and command the future, yet past and future are what they are. The present is what it is too. What is, is. And so you release the present as well. You hold on to nothing.

The Seventh Sense

God said:

I am your witness.

I am a friendly witness.

I am the Eyes of the Beholder.

And I witness truth.

And you witness Me. Not one among you does not witness Me. You have a sense of Me. You have an idea of Me. Make your idea be a true one. But whatever your idea of Me, you do have an idea of Me.

Make Me your seventh sense.

Call Me a sense of love.

Is not love a sense?

And does not love make sense?

And does not love travel fast?

Love and light travel at the same speed. Actually, love is faster.

The Innocent Being of You

God said:

Relative life is a parade that passes before you. Certain costumes, certain rhythms, certain portrayals march before you. You enter the parade and weave yourself in and around, but always you are on the sidelines watching the parade.

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