The Seventh Sense

God said:

I am your witness.

I am a friendly witness.

I am the Eyes of the Beholder.

And I witness truth.

And you witness Me. Not one among you does not witness Me. You have a sense of Me. You have an idea of Me. Make your idea be a true one. But whatever your idea of Me, you do have an idea of Me.

Make Me your seventh sense.

Call Me a sense of love.

Is not love a sense?

And does not love make sense?

And does not love travel fast?

Love and light travel at the same speed. Actually, love is faster.

At this instant you have all My love. You are never lacking My love. But sometimes you lack the sense of it. A sense of Me is a habit, and habits are learned.

Learn a new habit. Become accustomed to Me. Get familiar with Me. Get comfortable with Me. I am a Friend. I am your Best Friend. Consider Me your Backer. Consider Me your spine, for it is I Who indeed does hold you up.

Once I am engrained in you, I am hard to give up. Once you know Me, you want to stay with Me, and it is a fact of life that I am always with you, and you can only stay with Me. How nice to know that. How nice to know that I am your Prize, and that you have won Me.

How nice to know that angels follow you and precede you. Angels are My energy. They are My light, as you are My light. Angels focus. They are clear-seeing and clear-being. They are not many-directioned like you, but one.

You too can clear distraction from your life. You cannot be distracted with Me. I am Attraction, not distraction. Follow, follow your heart to Me. Nothing can fill your heart and your life like I can. I give you a dollop more. I give you a Heaven's worth more. I give you all your gifts plus eternity. I do not give you dribs and drabs. I give you Everything.

You started out with Everything, but you thought you were not worth much.

Gain the habit of knowing your worth. Do not shirk from your value. Uphold it.

What if you did indeed think of yourself as My worthy child? Frowns would melt. Ease would appear. When you consider yourself My child of worth, your ego disappears. Why would you have it when you can have Me? Elbow out your ego with My love. Ego makes you less, not more. Ego rides you like a horse, wanting to win the gate. Ego puts blinders on you so you see what ego wants you to see. Ego uses you, and soon or late it deflates you.

I am the opposite of ego. I am Greatness. And I tell you in every way I know that you too are My Greatness. Follow your Greatness. Develop awareness of it. You have already won the race. There is no race. The race is over. Accept your winnings.

The applause continues. I applaud you.

I urge you on to greater fields. Leave the fence post. Leave the corral. Come run free with Me.

No boundaries exist for you and Me.

You imagine boundaries.

But you are powerful.

And you can go anywhere you want.

You are not bound to the world.

You move in it.

You walk on earth, but you are not stuck in it.

Your feet touch the earth, but you reign in Heaven, because I guide your heart. I press it to Me. I massage your heart with My love.

Your heart needs great healing.

And everyone else's does too.

Be a healer of hearts on earth.

I appoint you a healer of hearts.

Heal other hearts by healing your own.

Let your heart free in leaps and bounds.

You will have occasion today to open your heart.

Whomever you open your heart to, you open it to Me.

Be far-seeing.

See the Greatness of My love on earth.

Scatter My love there.

And pick up My love there while you are at it.