What God Made When He Made You

God said:

You are you no matter what. Day or night, you are you. In the relative world, you are one definable you. In truth, you are Oneness.

You are not all the temporary flavors that you may see yourself limited to. In terms of the world, you may well not be constant. In My terms, you are true and total Oneness. How straight as an arrow is My vision. I can see through tall buildings. Beloveds, I can see through you.

A River of Love

God said:

You are a beautiful jewel that I hold in My hand and turn to the light. How you catch the light, and in so many ways! I turn you toward the Sun, and you become all light. My light and your light become One. There is no longer My hand holding you. There is simply Our light shining.

A Step Higher Than Gratitude

God said:

Sometimes you have seen gratitude as an embarrassingly humble position, an emotional outbreak where you happily and luckily have received an undeserved bounty, as if you were not deserving, that somehow a great gift fell on you, and in the same breath as your gratitude, you entreat. On your knees, you ask for more of the same. Sort of a double-handed gratitude. "Thanks and keep giving to me, unworthy as I am."

God's Golden Child

God said:

You are such a Golden Child of Mine that it is My desire that you always be honored, made welcome, treated well, treated most graciously, and be given the respect and regard that a Divine Child of Mine is entitled to and must have. There is something in you that must have respect and regard from others. It is unnatural not to have it. Something is off. It doesn't feel right. It is hard to take.

A Vagabond of God's Heart

God said:

Whether you seek Me consciously or not, I seek you. It is like I am panning for gold. In My search for the loveliness of your soul, I never get tense or edgy as you may do while panning for gold, for I know exactly where the gold is, and I know with the confidence borne of God that I will find it and claim it for My Own. This is not selfishness on My part.

God Be Praised

God said:

Beloveds, I am telling you how to see yourself. See yourself as the God Being that you are. It is for you to know what you are worth. Know it, and then be quiet about it. No one else needs to know. It is not for you to blab about. It is not for you to say a word about your worth. There are some things to be still about, and this is one. Keep your worth to yourself. In words I mean.

The Heart Is Different from the Mind

God said:

Limitless are the recesses of your mind when it listens to your heart. When the mind listens to something else, someone else's thought or an amassed world thought, it is not using its head. It may exercise a particular skill but unless your heart is in it, the mind repeats or recites an exercise that keeps you in place.

Thrust your heart forward. Honor it. Accept it. It is a leader of you. I entrusted Myself to your heart, not to your mind. The mind is a receptor of the heart. It cannot bypass the heart and still find what the heart desires.

The mind thinks.

Naked Truth

God said:

When you talk to Me, really talk to Me, your ego walks away. That is one of the beauties of talking to Me. You are not able to load yourself up with pretense when you appear before Me.

Your subterfuges leave, and there is you, and there is I, and We restate your life. We restate your take on life.

Naked were you born, and naked will you leave. Naked here does not mean unclothed. It means true, honest, real, unpretentious. You, without all the ruffles you have put around yourself, you, in your being.

Scene II

God said:

Believe that you have a Self.

Believe that there is a core of you that is pure beyond what you have concluded. You are worthy of note. All the things about yourself that dismay you are nothing but camouflage. The things that dismay you about yourself are camouflage on top of camouflage. Remove it.

And Yet…

God said:

You are an investor in life. You half-invest. You welcome life at the same time as you turn it away. You want and you don't want.

You are the same with death. You long for it, and you hide from it. You run away from it.

As you look at death, so you look at life.

You do not always deal well with change.

All of life is a transit from one moment to another. All is in transition. You slip from one moment to another. Your body changes minute by minute according to other changes. You are never the same, and yet you crave to be the same, as if a moment ago were better than this one now.

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