Scene II

God said:

Believe that you have a Self.

Believe that there is a core of you that is pure beyond what you have concluded. You are worthy of note. All the things about yourself that dismay you are nothing but camouflage. The things that dismay you about yourself are camouflage on top of camouflage. Remove it.

The periphery covers only the periphery. But you have believed in the periphery. You weighed yourself on an unbalanced scale, and so underestimated your worth. You took a faulty estimate and took it as accurate. Weigh the periphery if you must, but know the real value of yourself and where it lies. Will you have a little belief in the scale I weigh you on?

Of course, I don't weigh you. I don't know weights and scales. I know love, and that is how I know you.

Beneath all the matters that you have heaped upon yourself is an indefatigable wholeness. This wholeness can use some attention. It has been overlooked. It shines just the same. It needs no polishing from you, but a little acknowledgement would be nice.

You may look at this beautiful core of you as a baby to be born. It waits to be delivered from you so that it may be seen. It came into existence for all to see. But you have not seen. You have not accepted what is within you. You bought tarnished tinsel and accepted that as yourself.

It is a continual mystery to Me how it is easier for you to buy dregs and call them yourself and harder for you to accept at no cost the true worth of you. Of course, you would have to give up your illusions, your dark illusions about yourself. You would have to give up your negativity. You would have to get used to your brightness.

There is not one of you who could not get up right now and rise to your true stature.

You have been a statue of yourself, but now you can break out of that crust and reveal the truth of you that always longed to break through.

You have not even been a facsimile of yourself. You have been a conglomeration of what others thought of you. Someone saw you as nice, so you were. Someone saw you as naughty, and so you were. Someone saw you as not bright, so you hid your brightness. Someone thought you went too fast, so you slowed down. Someone thought you were slow, so you speeded up. Someone thought your body weighed too much, and you tried to be skinny. Your body and its responses have been looked at, exhumed, but no one was looking at you, were they, really?

Who was looking for you, this beautiful essence of you that I beseech you to recognize? No one thought to look for it, and so you ignored yourself.

I tell you unequivocally that you are more than you ever gave a thought to. You really aren't here as a blight upon Earth. You are here as a light. And you must know your light. I know your light. Now you and I must know. You must join Me in My awareness of you.

The beauty within you is waiting to be expressed. It is My beauty there. Can you not express My beauty that you house? Will you, once and for all, accept that I am what you are made of?

You have been riding a nag. Get off and ride the steed that wants you to ride it.

Burst out of your hobbled self.

Scene II is ready to begin.