The Heart Is Different from the Mind

God said:

Limitless are the recesses of your mind when it listens to your heart. When the mind listens to something else, someone else's thought or an amassed world thought, it is not using its head. It may exercise a particular skill but unless your heart is in it, the mind repeats or recites an exercise that keeps you in place.

Thrust your heart forward. Honor it. Accept it. It is a leader of you. I entrusted Myself to your heart, not to your mind. The mind is a receptor of the heart. It cannot bypass the heart and still find what the heart desires.

The mind thinks.

The heart feels. It feels truth or non-truth. The heart feels emotion, but that is a limited aspect of the heart. The heart is more of a be-er than a feeler, although, at the same time, it feels its being. The heart is a blossomer.

The mind piles up evidence. It is a piler and a sorter.

The heart is an acceptor. It blossoms because it receives.

What a little thing it is for the mind to accept something. But for the whole heart to accept, that is one of My wonders.

The heart clears the path. Honor your heart's longing. Don't let the mind put it aside. Don't let the mind, yours or another's, judge your heart's longing.

The heart does not long for a cigarette. That is a trick of the mind. Habits are tricks of the mind. The head puts you on automatic, and you become an automaton. That is not the purpose I had for you.

If you must be under a spell, be under the spell of love that furthers your own existence.

Something is controlling you, and it is good to know what it is. No, it is not necessary to know what it is. It is necessary to get out from under it.

How much you try to control is an indicator of how much you are controlled. A controller is controlled by past images. Perhaps his own images, or those planted there. But they are his now in any case, and he needs to free himself of them.

A victim is also a controller. He is a perpetrator. He perpetuates his past.

It is the past I have suggested that you step out of.

However glorious or unglorious your past, there is great glory ahead for you once you leave it.

Like the future, the past is really impenetrable. It is a cave where your hands grope in the dark. The lighted passages are only your memory and are not lit now. Seek not the past. Seek not to make sense of it. Seek yourself. Seek your true self. I tell you, your true self is something to seek.

If a true believer believes in the magnitude of God, he believes in God's work, and you are My created work. Believe in yourself, and you will have a trace of My faith in you. It is not so much that you must have faith in Me. You must have faith in that which I have faith in, and I have great faith in you that you will rise above the humdrum and sing a song worthy of the son of God.

I made you worthy, not unworthy. I made you for something, not for nothing. I made you Mine, and Mine you are, and My heart and mind are great, and so then, you were created great, and great you are. All that is missing is your awareness of your greatness. All that is missing is your awareness, your little awareness of something grand and wonderful. You are not to be dismissed. You are to be amazed.