world thinking

In the Fiction of World Thought

God said:

If you knew not the word "calamity", what would you make of undesired events? Imagine the enormous control you would let go of! Imagine how free you would be!

Heretofore, in the fiction of world thought, you have decided what to make of things and what category to put them in. Perhaps you have had the unconscious thought:

The World Is Not Your King

God said:

Once upon a time, you floated on an ocean of love. From the ocean, you were cast onto shore. Now that you roam the earth, you feel you are landlocked. The very Ocean that carried you to land is lapping at your feet, and yet you feel far away from it.

Well, then, come closer. Come closer to this vast ocean. It follows you.

Blessing You Are

God said:

Lift up your head and know I am God. Know I am the institutor of you. You were born from My heart. You are a beautiful soul on Earth dressed up as a Human Being. Yet neither your soul nor your physicalness is separate one from the other. It may be hard for you to reconcile these two aspects, but not for Me.

If Your Mind Were Your Donkey

God said:

What is on your mind now?

The expression "on your mind" connotes a burden. How about having something wonderful on your mind that connotes joy? If what is presently on your mind is heavy, remove it like a backpack. Put it down. You don't ever have to pick it up again, or, if you must, then invite a solution, and have joy in finding a solution or resolution. If you cannot find a good solution, at least resolve it in your mind. Do not overload your mind. Your mind is meant for much more than carrying burdens.

The Heart Is Different from the Mind

God said:

Limitless are the recesses of your mind when it listens to your heart. When the mind listens to something else, someone else's thought or an amassed world thought, it is not using its head. It may exercise a particular skill but unless your heart is in it, the mind repeats or recites an exercise that keeps you in place.

Thrust your heart forward. Honor it. Accept it. It is a leader of you. I entrusted Myself to your heart, not to your mind. The mind is a receptor of the heart. It cannot bypass the heart and still find what the heart desires.

The mind thinks.

The Field of Beingness

God said:

Do you begin to see how being is giving?

When you just are, you can only give.

When you are thinking or owning or in fear, you can only withhold.

When you think about giving or not giving, there has been a stop in your giving, or a pause in it.

Yet what you feel, you give. If you are in fear at a given moment, you give fear.

When you are at peace, you give peace.

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