If Your Mind Were Your Donkey

God said:

What is on your mind now?

The expression "on your mind" connotes a burden. How about having something wonderful on your mind that connotes joy? If what is presently on your mind is heavy, remove it like a backpack. Put it down. You don't ever have to pick it up again, or, if you must, then invite a solution, and have joy in finding a solution or resolution. If you cannot find a good solution, at least resolve it in your mind. Do not overload your mind. Your mind is meant for much more than carrying burdens.

If your mind were your donkey, you would not laden it with more than a donkey should have to carry, would you? Well, then, throw off the excess weight on your mind. Travel light. Give consideration to a donkey, and give kind consideration to your mind. Who is going to relieve your mind of its burdens unless you do?

The world will pile your mind a mile high if you allow it. Advertising tells you that the world is fraught with all kinds of danger just lurking for you and ready to pounce. Let advertisers and fiction writers think of all the dangers while you think about all the blessings in the world instead. What joy is just waiting for you around the corner, waiting to bless you? Oh, my, I see LOTS of blessings! I see further than the eye can see.

And so must you see. And so must you hear. And so must you attract to yourself the treasures I have heaped up for you.

When you call your dog by name, he is more likely to come to you than if you do not address him. If you call your neighbor's dog, he may also come. Why would it be any different for all the good in the world? Call on all the good to come, and it will begin to hear you. Why wouldn't it? Call to you all that which is fearsome in the world, and it will also rush to your side. It will listen to you well. "Here, fear," you say. "Get over here. Danger, you too. Annoyance and anger as well. Rally around me. I am wide open to you. Come right in." What have you perhaps been saying, beloveds? What have you been calling to you?

How wise do you have to be to see the difference between calling trouble to you and calling joy and peace? Very well then, I will give you a script to follow: "All kinds of joy, come see me! I am welcoming you into my life. I have saved a place for you. You and all your like-minded friends are also invited. Come now, and stay with me! Stay with me all the days of my life. And, while you are here, visit all my friends and family."

It is really like one of those telephone plans where you can add the names of friends and family and make calls free. It costs nothing more to invite luster to you than it does to invite tarnish. Invite all that you desire to come to you.

Whatever you may have been inviting, now invite the treasures of the Universe to come. See how much better you feel simply from just thinking about it. Well, what do you want, beloveds?

Do you want harmony? Ease? Plenty of all that is good? I will make up a list for you: Remarkable friendships. Good fortune. Miracle after miracle. Nice surprises. Happiness wherever you look and wherever you go. Incredible health and strength and nothing less than the best for you. You are My Child. Think of what I want for you.

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Best script ever! And yet I

Best script ever! And yet I still don't know how to get rid of the old one. It should have been burned a long time ago but, crazily, "someone" keeps putting it back on top overnight instead and it takes effort to retrieve the new one from under it. Poor donkey. I would never pile you that high deliberately. How did it happen anyway? How about giving some hee-haw every time it gets too much? What? I forbade it? Oh, come on! For Heaven's sake, stop being a good donkey then.

imagery imagery

Dear Gloria,
God's imagery goes straight to my heart and bypasses my brain it is so fantastic and so what I need at the moment. Thoughts like strong horses and a mind like an overburdened donkey, I shall call God's blessings as if calling my faithful cat .God's imagery speaks to me and brings to my awareness in pictures what I am doing and so in pictures I can change it. How magical THANKYOU.
love Nancy.

I use breath to keep my

I use breath to keep my donkey light. The breath and the mind are interrelated. Control the breath and so too the mind. Control the mind and so too the breath. I've observed on numerous occasions how when my donkey is carelessly overloaded, breathing becomes irregular or shallow. There are some weights that are difficult to remove from the donkey. They're almost like attached or stuck. I found that concentrated, intentional and controlled breathing helped loosen these.

Have you got some way of keeping your donkey light? Please share.

One Love


I have realised I am very visual,and for me imagery is the key,the mind as a donkey for me is a beautiful crystal clear image , and I can visualize unpacking my worries/burdens from the gentle animal's paniers, and let him stroll along his way carrying flowers instead.
love Nancy

I have tried everything.

I have tried everything. Nothing worked. Handing it over, the last thing that ever occured to me, seems to be the "trick" that works. When it comes to relieving my donkey of some of his unnecessary burdens, the fixing paradigm, all of it, failed desastrously for me. But how wonderful that we are so different and there is something for every single one of us. I suppose conscious breathing must be a beautiful experience for someone who is attuned to the primal connection between breath and mind. And Nancy, your lovely description makes me want to be your donkey, at least the one of your imagination.

handing it over

Dear Jochen,
The feeling of handing it over is the same for me , that is what gives rise to the peace .The visual representaion of it may change and some images are better than others for me. I find so many of the images that come through heavenletters hit the mark somehow.
love Nancy

Jochen, I understand that

Jochen, I understand that all the ways in which we teach the donkey to hee haw(!) are to help us surrender. Surrender or handing the mule over (!) has to be the sweetest! Nancy, I have met people who were able to use imagery and visualization more effectively that any of the other ways. What I was able to discern from an intuitive feeling, they were able to see and hear in big screen cinema with digital audio! My Father's house has many doors right? So many entrances to that one place.

My Father's house has many

My Father's house has many doors

I have to stress this, Santhan, it's such an important point. I think He even says somewhere that there are no frontdoors and backdoors, no better doors, no worse doors. Probably, in the end, no doors.

more and more openness

Yes, indeed, dear friends: There are no doors - -
My father has openness, openness, openness.
My father Is Openness.
Is there anybody who does not have a submerged need of openness? At least in their awareness? We know, where openness is and resides.

Yes, there are people who are able to see and hear 'in big screen cinema' and who transcend the state of feeling of others; of others, who 'are discerning from an intuitive feeling'. These are - special - capabilities and gifts. The existence of these characteristics with these people do not necessarily include, that those humans are one-pointed in their desires (like the horse who pulls the car out of the mud), that they are in the conscious choice of the service to God, that they are the best references, samples and examples for others to be copied by them; the best examples which they could imagine to be themselves.
In other words, now taken from the realm of music: virtuosi can play fantastically; a few or some of them play with heart, in a warm feeling of Our connectivity with all around the worlds; a few or some of them play for others, fully engaged in the feeling, that they (the virtuosi) are ensouled with the same experiences and deep feelings of gratitude and the same aspirations as their listenership; they are overwhelmed by gratitude, being at stage right now. Some or a few musicians who are no virtuosi, are playing with heart and grateful and gracious feelings in every tone.

Yes, we can use our capabilities; we can use our special and rare capabilities, gifts and talents, too; we will do this when we are wise: And we can use our capability to love all and everything in every turn and corner and adversary and mud. Which of our capabilities do we favor? Given our destination to open more and more for more and more people around the world? Which one is dominant in our daily life?

Love includes fostering every other capabilities.

Be blessed, beloved friends,

Transatlors give so much

Transatlors give so much more than a translation. They open doors for others. Much gratitude to translators. I also see that translators are given an extra gift of really drinking in Heavenletters and transcending themselves, something like that.

I saw Jim's post on the

I saw Jim's post on the forum about this Heavenletter My Father's House. The concept of there being no doors as suggested by yourself and Theophil feels just right to me! Perhaps we create the doors, so that we can announce ourselves or have something to knock on :)

One Love

My donkey collapsed from

My donkey collapsed from over exhaustion (stroke). God has helped me abundantly to bring him round and transcending into new awareness. Since then I have a way of finding my way back to the inner peace within. There are no words to describe it but I guard it with my life and allowing God to direct my donkey. It feels light and airy as I go step by step.


Get a load off


From heavy donkey to

From heavy donkey to Heaven's donkey!

Heaven's Donkey

I needed to hear this once again

I had just finished re-reading a true story about my life involving a donkey and the title caught my eye. How I needed to hear these words and lift the burden from my mind. I am off to meditate on the ease, remarkable friendships, health, good fortune and miracles I am inviting into my life today.


"If you must ..."

„If you must (pick up a burden again), then invite a solution.“

I am learning a lot from God how to present the truth; how to bow towards my vis-à-vis. God says, at first, „You don't ever have to pick up the burden again.“ And continues: „Or, if you must, ....“ There might be difficulties; and we are offered relieving possibilities.

One of them .... „invite a solution“. This does not mean: look for or try or be stressed by finding a solution or ask for a description how to find a solution.

Another of them .... „have joy in finding a solution or resolution.“ Can we find joy in our comments about our donkey? Is joy the motivation, when we observed that we or one of us must pick up the burden again?

The next of them .... „at least resolve a good solution in your mind“. Resolve is intention. Some say, intention is all. Is our mind meant for focussing on intentions, instead?

- - -

I was brought up in a familiy of eight, with two cows and two goats. The cows had to pull hay trailers and heavy muck carts, among others. There was nearly no 'sentimental' education in our familiy in order to considerate the heaviness of the burdens for the cows. So, as a child, I got the impression, that cows are to be drawn on everything, humans are wanting. I got no feeling of consideration and was and became immoderate in human affairs, too; for decades.

So, if somebody had told me friendly and compassionately and obliging, and had explained it to me in extensive and envisioning and emboldening words, that my muck is too heavy for the two cows, I would have known how to remove the mud. I would never had asked: How?
Now, as to our heavy thoughts which are like a backpack to our mind .... Removing thoughts is re-thinking thoughts; is thinking once more; is thinking newly. Our intention and resolve will be – re-thinking.

God presents us very good results of this re-thinking: see the three suggestions above.

Where is the toe-hold for the question „How?“?

Be blessed, dear friends, Theophil

4 Heavenletter Haikus for

4 Heavenletter Haikus for you

Hello Friends,

God said call to it
Call on all the good to come
Say "Get over here"

God said come right in
I Am wide open to you
Rally around Me

God said invite joy
"All kinds of joy come see me"
"I will make a list"

God said just thinking
Think of what I want for you
All the best for you

Love, Light and Aloha!

To all who posted above

I certainly know the joy of a Heavenletter each day. What more could be added to my day?
Reading your comments is what. I won't say that your comments outdo God! -- but I certainly can say that your comments touch my heart deeply, and, indeed, I don't know who is Who.

Thank you. God bless you.

With love, Gloria