good fortune

The Fortune You Seek

God said:

If you are out to seek your fortune, your true fortune, seek it with Me, for I am the fortune you seek. All good fortune is Mine, and I give it adamantly.

Perhaps you have thought that to seek Me is to give up life and all its treasure. Hardly. To seek Me is to enhance your life, make it simple, make it overflow with all the blessings of the Kingdom of Heaven. Fill your heart with My love. It is for you.

Good Fortune Is Yours

God said:

If you feel yourself weighed down, as sometimes you do, perhaps you feel weighed down with good fortune, beloveds. Not that you can have too much good fortune, but that you are so in awe of it. To you, good fortune may seem almost like having a workman in your house. You wanted this work done . You asked this workman to come. You hoped he would come, and you waited for him, and yet his presence in your house puts your house on end, and you feel discombobulated. Your house just wasn't what it was, and now you are not quite so comfortable as you were before the workman came.

Great Blessings

God said:

You would be surprised with all I have up My sleeve for you. You will be surprised. Bounteous gifts are flowing to you like rafts in a river. Be ready. Have your arms out ready to catch.

Gifts are going to reach you the way checked-on luggage revolves at the airport. Be ready to grab fast. This is not a one-time chance. Your good fortune will come around again. It's all ready for you. But why not clasp it the first time around? And then you are on your way.

You Are a Maker of Good Fortune

God said:

If it is hard for you to conceive yourself as full of love, can you conceive yourself as free of negativity? Can you conceive of negativity as nonexistent or fleeting or something you can toss away the minute it arrives? If you cannot consider love as fully present, can you conceive of the absence of negativity in your own heart?

Unconditional love doesn't mean love full-blown at every moment. It does not mean that you will desire to engage with everyone all the time. It doesn't mean that, when someone says or does something you don't like, you don't see it.

Eyes of Love

God said:

What if there is only good fortune? What if bad luck does not exist?

When I created the Universe, I said it was good. I did not say, mostly good. Or sometimes good. Or once in a while good. I said good. I did not say goodness and mercy were tempered with less than goodness and mercy.

If Your Mind Were Your Donkey

God said:

What is on your mind now?

The expression "on your mind" connotes a burden. How about having something wonderful on your mind that connotes joy? If what is presently on your mind is heavy, remove it like a backpack. Put it down. You don't ever have to pick it up again, or, if you must, then invite a solution, and have joy in finding a solution or resolution. If you cannot find a good solution, at least resolve it in your mind. Do not overload your mind. Your mind is meant for much more than carrying burdens.

God Asks

God said:

When you accept where and what your Real Existence is, you won't be possessed so much by the fears that presently possess you. Will you agree that fear has you in its clutches, that it often motivates you?

What does fear think it is? It thinks it is premonition, and it thinks it is insurance. It thinks it is a seer and a swordsman in one. It thinks it is your defender when it is your undoer.

But fear doesn't really think at all. It is you who does the thinking for it. Fear uses you to make itself big, and you comply.

You Are the Universe

God said:

I stand at your side. I am always there. Put your awareness on Me. Attend to Me Who is at your side. That one bit of awareness will change the concept, content, and the culture of your life. Arise, arise!

There is attention put on a country's culture and corporate culture. Now culture some attention on your own radiance. Be the beacon light that shines in the darkness for all to see. Be a culture medium for Me. I need your help. There is mass sadness in the world, and I need you to break it. I will use you to break it.

Marry Good Fortune

God said:

Good fortune is yours. Good fortune is racing on its way to you. Good fortune has your name on it. This is the premise for you to go by. Don’t you feel wonderful when you think of all the good fortune that is rushing to you? Why not then, beloveds, come from that place where you feel wonderful? Why would you ever want to come from any other place?

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