Good Fortune Is Yours

God said:

If you feel yourself weighed down, as sometimes you do, perhaps you feel weighed down with good fortune, beloveds. Not that you can have too much good fortune, but that you are so in awe of it. To you, good fortune may seem almost like having a workman in your house. You wanted this work done . You asked this workman to come. You hoped he would come, and you waited for him, and yet his presence in your house puts your house on end, and you feel discombobulated. Your house just wasn't what it was, and now you are not quite so comfortable as you were before the workman came. There is disturbance, lovely disturbance to be sure, and yet your house isn't quite your own any longer. Your house feels turned around. In a vague sense, you feel like a visitor to your own life. Your hours, your life, aren't quite your own any longer. They have been taken over by good fortune.

More has been given to you, and somehow you feel, well, sort of ousted from your life.

All your good fortune does take some getting used to, beloveds. A turn in the wheel, and you are spinning as well. The more you follow in My footsteps, the bigger the shoes you have to wear.

You are expanding, and you feel the stretch. Beloveds, you have taken a leap, and now you notice. Your heart leapt. You wanted it to. Yet you didn't know how big a leap it would be. You didn't realize how you would have to keep up now with all your good fortune. It's yours, you have it, and now you say, "Huh? What happened? Nothing is the same."

You wanted change, and now that it is here, you are not quite so certain. You wanted diamonds all right, and now your fingers seem like a stranger's, so shining and laden with diamonds as they are. You wanted to be dazzled, and now you find you are dumbfounded!

It will become easier and easier for you to accommodate all the goodness and mercy that are yours. Let goodness stir you to new heights. You are climbing a mountain, beloveds, and as you near the top, you keep climbing. You may feel that the choice you thought you had is no longer yours. You feel compelled. It is as if a Great Hand bolsters you and helps push you up the mountainside. Of course, beloveds, this is your choice. This is what you chose, and you got it.

And now you get on with it. No more hemming and hawing.

You are My Treasured Being, and you'd better get used to the idea. Good fortune is yours. So what if you trip over it? It is still yours, and there is more to come. It is going to come fast and furious. Good fortune is coming to you like a school of fish. You are going to be inundated with good fortune.

All the good fortune that comes your way, you are equal to. You can withstand it! You can fit it into your life. It is not too much for you. It is just right for you.

All these medals are being pinned on you. Accept them. They are not heavy. Do not squabble over them in your mind. Simply say, "Thank You, God," and move on. All the riches of the Kingdom are reaching you. Don't question your readiness. You are ready. Simply hold out your arms and catch it all. It is yours. It is definitely yours. There is no mistake here. Good fortune is here, the real thing. Embrace it.

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Wow. Every time I get one of

Wow. Every time I get one of these letters, it amazes me. They are so beautiful! They always seem to be exactly what I need to hear. It is like they are divinely written for what I am going through in my life. Thank you!!

+you'd better get used to the idea."

Dear Truth Singer:
Each writer seems sweeter, deeper than the one before.
"you'd better get used to the idea." The writer croones.
"No" I cry! "It'll always surprises me when the whole Universe jumps out behind my consciousness
curtain and hollars BOO! I LOVE YOU!!!"
Of course I fall over, faint dead away at such a lavish meal I didn't know I ordered it.
"What do you mean: I didn't order it? What could you possibly mean?"
"The meal, comes with the parking place." Came the soft answer, laughing in my head.
"But, I thought it was valet parking," I cry in wonder.
"It is, but wait till you see Who's parking your eternal vehicle!"
He never looks in the rear view mirror, but always takes your vehicle
where it's always been while you slept, The majestic Valet calls out: "Now "Wake Up Sleepy Head"
"Enjoy your MEAL. That's right,"Eat till your full of IT! The abundant life will shock you to life."
George found the parking place just waiting for him; Well, his Valet did and what a meal he ate!

3 Heavenletter Haikus for

3 Heavenletter Haikus for you

Hello Friends,

God said Beloveds
You are My Treasured Being
You are the real thing

God said feel the stretch
Of My goodness and mercy
There is more to come

God said you have more
You wanted change that is here
All your good fortune

Love, Light and Aloha!

"You are My Treasured Being"

If you would just stop flying around the room so fast
even touching what seems past,
My Heavenletter Tinker Bell
You manage to say what the earth can't tell.
George rubbing his eyes in wonder.

Good Fortune is yours.

I loved this!!! Great stuff! Could frame and mount this one!

Thanks also to Alohalight1111 for the Haikus.

Technicoloured Blessing and Appreciations :-)