We Will All Canoe on a River of Love

God said:

What words can begin to speak of all the love in My heart for you? The biggest word is not big enough. The loftiest thought is not high enough. What words can convey the depth and breadth of love that I hold you in? Even the word love cannot. It tries. It means to, and yet words do not have the strength to convey all the love that there is to convey. And, yet, love is conveyed. You know love when you see it. You know love when you don't see it as well.

What an emptiness there is with love unperceived. Why would anyone not want to perceive love when love abounds and there is nothing to equal it? Who would miss out in love? And, yet, love is too often missed out on. My children have found deserts in the sand where oases abide. Sometimes My children have disenfranchised themselves of love, scratching it off their list, convinced that love somehow is vagrant from them, as if love, the very substance of life could be absent from them! So surrounded by love are you that sometimes you simply don't see.

You may be looking for love to come from one direction when love is multi-directioned. First of all, there is the love within you that longs to reveal itself. This is the love you want to see above all. This is the love in your heart that gets stirred. You want to ladle out the burgeoning love within your own heart. It has been hard for you to keep it in. It has been hard because the love in your heart wants to go out, and you have constricted it. This causes pain. Your love must be free to be born, and you have kept it back, extending its due date. You owe all the love in your heart the courtesy of being allowed out now. You have kept your big love within your heart on a short leash for too long. Become as good at giving love as you have been at holding it back. Beloveds, you have become quite suave at holding love back. You even have a flourish about it. Be less sophisticated and more desirous of giving out love like lollipops. Give out your love right and left. Give out your love.

If you feel any kind of tightness in your heart, now is the time to loosen it. Never mind the past. You don't have to sequester your love any longer. It has been sequestered enough. Develop other skills, beloveds. Develop the skill of letting go. Free your heart to its destiny. You have given enough caution to your heart. Now is the time to give your heart permission to be what it is. No longer cover up your heart. There is no love gate, beloveds. Love is not to be corralled. It is to be given. Love is not meant, never meant, absolutely is not meant to be covered up. It is not meant to be sanctioned. Love is simply meant to be and to be given. It is given from one heart to another. More accurately, love, no matter what its particular focus, is given to all. It may land here and there, yet love is given everywhere.

You may water certain flowers in your garden. You point the hose here and there, and yet all the water finds its way to all that grows in your garden. Water can't keep itself to one spot. Love is the same. Shower your love with abandon, and your love will reach everywhere love can reach, and love can reach everywhere, certainly further than the mind can see.

Water the deserts, beloved, and they will no longer be deserts. Aridness will become a river of love, and We will all canoe on it.

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another day alive

wonderful words' however that's all they seem to be ' im numb' all my life i have had an unshakable faith, much has happened and i found i was wrong. i look at the world and see so much of us divided in hate in all things, before i got sick i had the mind of Christ conciseness' it was easy to over look and rise above ' with faith as that nothing can harm us . i know the Master said "do not be of this world", somewhere iv lost my vision, still i know love will and can overcome anything that this dark universe can throw at us. with my intellect i can see and understand however my spirit is what needs to be reopened. im grateful there is this life force inside of me that will not allow me to quit yet'
blessings of lite and love to all

"Row row row your boat gently down the stream..."

This sweet Writer reminds us to stop trying to paddle up stream.
Turn the boat around and go with the current of God's love,
Stand under His spout while HIS Water flows out.
"Life becomes a dream!"
George real damp

Sprinkling love everywhere...

Regardless of what is happening in the mind or body or with your family, neighbors, community, nation or the planet...one can love. And even if one thinks he or she cannot love, one can begin with appreciation. Begin maybe with something small...a tiny little flower...and just appreciate it. This appreciation is love...and it can be very sweet. And if you can begin to appreciate...it demonstrates that love lives within you and that you can love any thing or anyone...if you will...if you desire. And I say that even if you don't want to love someone, try it anyway and see what happens. Even if you feel you are unworthy to love...just do it anyway. And soon, the nearby and vast garden of your reality will be sprinkled with your love...and then just watch your garden grow! You can do it...you really can...Loving you today and forever. Jim and Jimi.

There are times I feel like

There are times I feel like you do stmichael. I love within my work. I care for the sick and aging. I give the best care I know how. But I tend to wear myself out and question why I am not being filled up with blessings so I can give more and do more? Why do I sometimes feel emptied when I should be running on overflowing??? I am not quite able to recognize God's love for me. I'm a stranger to my Self probably. The broken soul I carried with me is being healed as I surrender. God is my/our lifeline. I am resting in Him.

Take care "all who suffer and are heavy laden and I will give you rest". He promised.

Sending you LOVE on angels wings!


What an emptiness there is with love unperceived.

My old fear came back with a vengeance yesterday, choking, petrifying fear without name or face: angst. I could not help thinking, Where are You, God, when I need You most? Why can't I feel You, why can't I feel Your love? Is it all just words and fantasy? Aren't You just telling me day in, day out that I'm doing it wrong? Are You there at all?

Today, reading this Heavenletter in the morning and looking up at the end, I realized I felt better. Why?

Does fear shut off love? Does love withheld produce fear? Both? It would look like a vicious circle then. How can I break it or spin it into a benevolent one?

The answer must be in loving. Am I not loving? I know I am. But it's not exactly "giving out love like lollipops". Distinctions are made, definitely. That no good? Jim/i? In connection with lollipops, I trip over the phrase "be more desirous". More desirous to give out love "right and left" - is that the big secret?

Johanne, you responded to stmichael and I felt moved to post my comment as a reply to yours although I speak to all of you, of course. For some reason, the posts that were there already looked strangely side-by-side to me (sorry, my English seems insufficient here), and today I really need the feeling of all of us facing one another in conversation. It's a bit strange, I know.

My love to all of you and this wonderful site.

It's in the loving...

Jochen....Yes...I do believe the answer is in the loving. Somewhere either in HL or other material...it is stated that the really feeling of peace and happiness lies in the loving of others...the extending of love out into the world. This is my experience. So for me, when I get into a bind or into sad or confusing or angry feelings...I find something to appreciate (see my post above) and or to love...and the most wonderful feelings come over me. I hope this helps. Love Jim(i).

Thanks, Jim. Yes, I know you

Thanks, Jim. Yes, I know you have stated this over and over and very clearly. It remains difficult for some of us. We have to hear it many times until it's heard. Let's all meet in the rainforest.

(This last post appeared

(This last post appeared twice and there does not seem to be a way to completely delete an extra post)

Dear all,today I feel a

Dear all,

today I feel a bit like all the postings here, and so I'm searching for thoughts "that feel a little better", step by step. Something old has come up again, and so this sometimes makes me feel like there's no progess or getting better. I think Jim's suggestion is indeed the way to get out when we are stuck in some kind or other of negativitiy. I love this photo, so... that already feels a bit better.
Just now I'd really love to have a wonderful chat with all of you, maybe sharing a lunch or admidst nature or what ever (for me in italy it's lunch time...), just taking a day off saying: "Today I'll just be with all the Heavenangels and have a wonderful day !" Thanks for being here dear Angels !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

much much love to all ♥ ♥ ♥

Yes...I do know what you mean...(for Berit + Jochen)

Hi Berit...When you say: "Something old has come up again, and so this sometimes makes me feel like there's no progess or getting better." I do indeed understand. Even though what has come up appears so real...it is just fiction and has no reality at all!! And...to respond with a "thank you" or a quizzical nod and then pivot away (an old Abraham Hicks technique) to see and experience the new in the Now moment. One precious moment at a time. When I try to figure out or explain or justify...I just fall back into the maze of the mind and remain stuck. But when I look around at sense objects...a chair, window, the sun or whatever...this helps a lot. Just refusing to listen to the mind helps a lot: As in: I'm just not going there...and that is all there is to it. Even if the same old guilts or fears or whatever come up...I just build up strong intent to stay in the now...and start to appreciate...the flower in front of me. (and thank you dear Berit for that beautiful flower in on the page above!) And with the appreciation comes love, and with the love comes relief! Again...to completely ignore the taunts and trappings of the mind...absolutely ignore!!!!!!!!!!!! and then look for the first flower to love! (it could be a flower or a face or a dear friend or the next Heavenletter or even a gathering of all of us in the Rainforest as Jochen suggested!) And then then just love...and the loving aligns us automatically with the Divine and the Divine is where Truth lies. Many blessings to ALL OF US. I Love you all as myself and as God...for that's who WE REALLY ARE. Jim(i).

I do love you all!

Just to say again that I do love you all so much on this posting board. So, so much...and it feels as I love all of you that this love stays with you...and of course this love is not my love but Gods love that is yours too and I know if you do appear to be stuck in the mind a bit this all sounds so "pie in the sky" but it is not. To see and know for yourself just pick anything to really appreciate and have gratitude for...for appreciation and gratitude is just another term for love....and as you do this...you "prime" the Divine pump...and love flows into you instantly to enable the continual supply of love from your heart to the flower or the world. Does this make sense? Continual waterfalls of love to flow over and through you forever and ever. Jim(i) ps...I want to do everything for all of you....all of the time. (That's what this love feels like!)

"Thoughts that feel a little better"

Precious Berit:
That flower tells the whole story, including the seed from which it grew.
I too felt the energy flowing through the Source into the flow and back to me.
My impressions of these posts is that The Source makes HeavenLetters a chat room.
It accommodates the distance, (at least the imagined distance.) between our physical bodies.
It reminds me of wondering what I would focus on when my darling of so many years slipped into HIS hands.
Wouldn't you know, the very next day HE repeated what all you heaven angels have been saying:
"Get closer to who you really are, who you have always been and remember your destination.
The 'empties' gave way to the fill 'er' up feeling, and self look, intoned HIS love song from the beginning of time.
It's like Aloahlight landed right in the middle of my consciousness with her darling words that draw us, they point us
in the direction of eternal light and love but above all "Divine purpose" for each of us. Jim's words have the same
thrust of the JOY that's hidden from our conscious mortalness but flows all over our inner landscape.
To let smichael rest in our caring is the undpoken subject of all these words. BUT we can love our neighbor
as ourself only when we learn how to deeply love the face grinning back from the mirror each morning.
George, full of it

4 Heavenletter Haikus for

4 Heavenletter Haikus for you

Hello Friends,

God said reveal it
Your love must be free to be
To its destiny

God said right and left
Give out love like lollipops
Give out your big love

God said yet love is
With abandon everywhere
The substance of life

God said love can reach
Further than the mind can see
On its way to all

Love, Light and Aloha!

Give out love like lollipops

Sweetest One:

Your dear words take us screaming and kicking to "our destiny".
Through your words we hear HIM love us with growing visibily to our sleepy eyes.
Your words shout 'WAKE UP AND SEE!" and we all agree to try to get out of bed
and rub our unopened eyes to look at what you've given in your love to see. Thanks
George still bearfoot but getting covered

To all dear Heavenangels

To all dear Heavenangels here,

I DO LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH, it's a blessing to be here with you all !!!

Much much love and a big big hug to all, let's indeed give out and share
and multiply love like lollipops !!