The Fortune You Seek

God said:

If you are out to seek your fortune, your true fortune, seek it with Me, for I am the fortune you seek. All good fortune is Mine, and I give it adamantly.

Perhaps you have thought that to seek Me is to give up life and all its treasure. Hardly. To seek Me is to enhance your life, make it simple, make it overflow with all the blessings of the Kingdom of Heaven. Fill your heart with My love. It is for you.

Now you may say that coming to Me does not insure that you will have good fortune. Let Me put it this way: You will have so much good fortune, that all that which may have previously been essential to you simply no longer is. This is because you will let go of the attachment to ideas that you have now. You do realize, don't you, that all your attachment is to ideas? You may be attached to this person and that, yet it really is an idea that you are attached to. You are attached to the idea that you must have this or that person, or you will be less, you will be forlorn.

Being forlorn is also an idea, beloveds, just a vagrant idea. When you say something is so, for practical purposes, you make it so. You set up conditions that you are bound to. You say there is cause and effect. When someone you care about exits your life, for instance, you say they can't do that. You say they must stay with you. You say you can't live without them. You make demands on the other that are not yours to make, and you turn love into a business deal.

You also may have had the idea that unless you possess certain worldly goods that you cannot be happy. And have you not also thought the reverse, that if only you had this house and that car, how happy you would be? And when you have the house and car, soon enough your happiness subsides. It doesn't last long. Seek all you want in the world, and yet without your awareness of Me, which is to say, without your awareness of Our connection, you wander in the world. To be away from Me in your thoughts is indeed wandering.

With Me, with the thought of Me, your happiness grows greater and does not dwindle.

When you think of lack and need as they relate to you, you are thinking about yourself. Even when it is someone else's lack and need you think about, it is their lack making you unhappy. It is a good deed you do when you let go of the concept of lack. It is a good deed you do when you choose happiness for yourself. Your happiness is a good deed you do for others. Happiness is as contagious as measles. Although there is no cause and effect, you can create happiness, and this is a great service you give to the aching world. When you are happy, you are like an aspirin to the world. Decide to be happy, if not for yourself, then for the sake of others.

Play a joyful note, and you will conduct an orchestra of happy musicians.

No one owes anything to anyone. You don't owe anyone happiness, yet you do owe yourself happiness. You are the provider of your own happiness. You do set the tone of the whole world, and yet it is to yourself that you owe. Reduce your debt, and be happy. Find that which makes your heart sing.

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"With Me, with the thought of Me,,,,"

How sweet it is when we finally learn how to see the path to real JOY.

Heavenletters help us hear the high pitched note saying into our spirits the joyful note that sings:

"With ME, it's only with ME. To see ME go look in the mirror and see a reflection of
what I AM expressed as what you are becoming in your inner PERSONA." You know, like your inner self.

The catch seems to me to be in the word: "choose" which really come down to "GROW".

Nothing planted means nothing to choose from." Plant first, then harvest is the natural consequence.

I suppose you can choose to plant and then choose not to water or cultivate. I guess it really comes down to learning how to THINK.

What you think causes a growth right between your eyes and then out through your hands and feet.

If you think life's a riddle, you are right, but don't stop thinking or reading, or meditating. You'll see, IT does come up, that potato you planted.

George, enjoying a long rich harvest.

"The Fortune You Seek"

Thank You God for this empowering, inspiring and enlightening message.
And thank You for helping me allow it to Be.
Thy Will be done!

This is my favorite

This is my favorite Heavenletter, together with all other Heavenletters, but you know what I mean I hope.

To seek Me is to enhance your life, make it simple, make it overflow with all the blessings of the Kingdom of Heaven. Fill your heart with My love. It is for you.

A wonderful wonderful Heavenletter !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Much much love

2 Heavenletter Haikus for

2 Heavenletter Haikus for you

Hello Friends,

God said if only
You decide to be happy
It is a good deed

God said all you want
I am the fortune you seek
All the good fortune

Love, Light and Aloha!