You Are a Maker of Good Fortune

God said:

If it is hard for you to conceive yourself as full of love, can you conceive yourself as free of negativity? Can you conceive of negativity as nonexistent or fleeting or something you can toss away the minute it arrives? If you cannot consider love as fully present, can you conceive of the absence of negativity in your own heart?

Unconditional love doesn't mean love full-blown at every moment. It does not mean that you will desire to engage with everyone all the time. It doesn't mean that, when someone says or does something you don't like, you don't see it.

It does mean you don't hold their infractions against them. It means that you can like them anyway. Why not, for you see that their errors are no more permanent than yours.

When you do not hold negativity in your heart, you do not discount someone for their errors. You don't blackball them. You don't seal their obstructions in your heart. What someone else does or says doesn't affect you so much as it once did. Do you begin to see that you are becoming more conditioned to love than to negativity? Let Us rejoice, for you are a maker of good fortune.

Certainly, you have choice. At every moment, you have choice. What is going to rule your life? Certainly not its annoyances. Who on earth would choose annoyance over appreciation? Yet, it seems to Me, that many on earth do choose annoyance, pouncing on annoyance readily while cautious about delight.

Now you will be a tiger in readiness for delight. You can take delight in even what annoys you. You can take delight in those who annoy you. You can take delight in life as it is. Nothing has to stop you.

What a parade life is before you! You might not have chosen everything that marches in the parade, but you can enjoy every float and every marcher as they pass by. What is there not to take delight in really?

Even unkindness has its other side. Unkindness makes you think more about being kind. There is a moral in everything, and you are the one to find it.

Much of life as it is lived in the world is preposterous. The combinations of people and man-made events could only happen in life and in books. The intricacies are phenomenal. What of life on earth could have been contrived?

Even those who assume power are innocent. It must be that they are or they would not rule as they do.

Even the judge on his throne is innocent, or would he deign to sentence Human Beings to misery?

Even the robber is innocent. There are far better and easier means of gaining material wealth than stealing. How innocent is the grabber to think he gains happiness by grabbing!

How innocent the crabby person to think that crabbiness breeds anything but more crabbedness!

How innocent is anyone who thinks that life is about him!

How innocent are the rich and the poor for thinking that they are different, one from the other!

Everyone on the planet Earth is as innocent as you. Everyone is learning as much and as earnestly as you. You are learning life as fast as you can, and everyone else is too.

What is there for you to be annoyed with? Who is there for you to be annoyed with?

Everyone is for you to let go of and to let make their way in the world. Silently bless the annoying, and thus turn annoyance into blessing and so make negativity neutral.