If Your Eyes Fall on This Page

God said:

Blessed in My Presence, you are the emulation of Me. You are My thought manifested. You are a spark from the flint of My heart. You are light revealing itself. You are My Being, manifested on earth. You are a revolution of My thought. You are a pattern I carved out on earth. I put My imprint on you.

I called you to Me, and you answered. I said, "Come forward." And you came forward.

I gave you My blessing. I kissed your forehead. In accord with your desire, I placed you on earth. Always in My sight, I placed Myself in your heart so that that I might ever accompany you on your soul's journey, and you would never be alone. Yet, even so, sometimes, you feel stranded on a strange island. When you do, touch your heart with your hand, and you will feel My hand upon you and you will know the Truth of what I say, and you will know that Truth resides in your heart, indelibly there, reclining on a chaise lounge with its feet up, so comfortable is Truth in the beat of your heart. The Truth in your heart is the same Truth that is Mine. I secured My Truth, the only Truth that exists, in your heart so your heart would know itself and be full of the joy that Truth alone engenders.

Untruth brings you nothing. It brings you a mirage that you cannot touch, only imagine. Untruth is the seduction of a siren who gives you promise, takes from you, and leaves you nothing. The siren of untruth has put you in a trance, and you see riches where they are not. She casts a spell so that you will not see until you are fully bereft, and then you will see you are bereft.

Choose Truth every day.

You are a God Being on a detour on Earth. You go around the block, and you find your Home. It is right here. It didn't go anywhere. And nor have you. Relative life is a stroll you take in the avenues of your mind. All the while, you are embedded in My heart, and I in yours. What is there to do, and where is there to go? My heart is full of love for you, and My love spills over into yours. There is not a drop of your love that is not Mine. Look within, and you will see inpourings and outpourings of love.

Your heart will burst into the flame of love. Your heart looks for objects, so that it may burst into flame. But your heart, full of My love, needs no object. It needs only the love that is already there. Your heart need only open itself a crack. Peek in, and you will see the onrush of love that sweeps across your heart.

I do not speak in hyperbole, although you may think so, and you may think I generalize and am not speaking to you, but I do speak directly to you. If your eyes fall on this page, then I am speaking to you. I look into your eyes now, and I see Myself reflected there. I see Myself looking in at you, and I see Myself looking out from you. Looking in or looking out — they are the same. Our eyes meet and become One Vision. We are a Hologram of Light. We dance with such speed that we are totally, fully, inexorably, brilliant fulminating Light, Light sparkling and delighting Our One Lighted Self.