The Greatest Music Teacher

God said:

From the recesses of your heart comes a tumultuous beat. I tom-tom messages through your heart. Your heartbeat surges full-circle through your body and resounds to the world. Think of all the hearts beating. They beat a tune and stir the universe. Do you think that such an avalanche of heartbeats cannot be heard?

Hear your own. What does it say? What unmistakable message does it give to you and the world? How patient your heart is! Again and again it calls to you. Your heart is strong in its beat and strong in the hope that it will be heard. Most of all, it wants you to hear it. It wants you to go by it. You are a part of the world, and the world attunes itself to your heart.

Your heart is never mute. It always drums a tune. Your soul speaks through your heart. The beat of your heart exhilarates your body. What can it not do for the world?

Not even your heartbeat is isolate. Anymore than your thoughts.

You stand at the helm of the ship and you beat the drum by which the men row and the ship sails. You are more than a figurehead.

Your heart has a range. It can go from the doldrums to the heights, for you have free will. But what do you think are the notes I would have your heart play? What are the notes that I frequent? I tell you now: Choose the high notes. Do it for Me.

You say, "God, if I can, I will."

And I say, You can, but will you?

Look, I set your heart to Mine. Would you diverge? Your heart is already set to the high notes. Follow My music, and only high notes will issue from you. Open wide, and you will sing a high note that will go higher and higher and never stop. It will issue from your heart to your throat and out your lips and reverberate throughout the universe. It will reverberate non-stop. My song has never stopped. All you have to do is to sing along with Me, and then We sing as One. It is not hard to follow the music you are meant to. It is easy. Why practice the low notes when there are high notes to sing?

I am the greatest Music Teacher you will ever have. I have chosen you as My student. Now choose the One Who has chosen you, and drum My music to the world. Help the world to distinguish pure notes. Help the world to carry My tune.

Echo Me and not the discordant notes you may hear. Be the echoer of Truth.

You may think there is too big a difference between My Song and the songs you hear around you, but, look, notes are notes, and My music is simple. It would have to be because it is Mine. The world makes complex choices, but Mine are simple. In fact, I have only one choice, and that must mean I have none. I chose My music, and so it is chosen, and I have no other choice to make.

Of the myriad of choices of the combination of sounds called music, which would you choose? If you heard Mine, you would choose no other. Be still a moment and hear My music. Let it get from your heart to your head, and be the only tune that plays there. Welcome My beat. Tap it with your foot. Get up and dance it. Hum it as you go along. The more you sing My note, the more you will hear it, for, in truth, it is played everywhere.