Tell Yourself New Bedtime Stories

God said:

What is most the matter with you is that you think something is the matter with you. That is a trap you build, and you fall into it. Take a look at what is good with you, and see how you feel. When you feel discouraged, you have encouraged discouragement. You are the instigator of it. You may give testimony to the value of positive thinking, yet you throw punches at yourself. Do not even throw one punch. Be your own spokesperson to yourself. You are the one you have to dissuade from negative thinking, for you have excelled at it when it comes to you yourself.

You Are a Maker of Good Fortune

God said:

If it is hard for you to conceive yourself as full of love, can you conceive yourself as free of negativity? Can you conceive of negativity as nonexistent or fleeting or something you can toss away the minute it arrives? If you cannot consider love as fully present, can you conceive of the absence of negativity in your own heart?

Unconditional love doesn't mean love full-blown at every moment. It does not mean that you will desire to engage with everyone all the time. It doesn't mean that, when someone says or does something you don't like, you don't see it.

When Stars Are Not Seen

God said:

Sometimes you feel that the subterranean areas within you are dark. You feel that hidden deep within you lies a malcontent who snipes at hearts, including your own, most especially your own. You feel you present yourself in one way to the world, belying the disrespect in your heart. When your presentation to the world is good, you fear that it is not real. You feel the deterrents to love within you are real. Sometimes you feel that only the ugly within you is real and the beautiful is not.

Words of Power

God said:

If you wish your vibration to be higher, step over negativity. Negativity is a greedy weed, and it would overtake you under the guise of common sense. It would tell you that you can't succeed at something. You haven't before. Therefore, you can't now. And so you are stuck in the mire of the past. You stick yourself there.

Scene II

God said:

Believe that you have a Self.

Believe that there is a core of you that is pure beyond what you have concluded. You are worthy of note. All the things about yourself that dismay you are nothing but camouflage. The things that dismay you about yourself are camouflage on top of camouflage. Remove it.

The Love of God's Life

God said:

Let Us talk about My love for a moment. It has been such a mystery to you, what love is, that you may be it, and you are perplexed how I, God, can love so much and love so much that which, in your eyes, has imperfection. You wonder how I can love you so much, simply as you are, a fussing being on Earth.

Sometimes you disdain yourself. That is not your own thought. It certainly is not your original thought.

Tell Yourself a Story

God said:

Above all, be true to yourself, and be good to yourself. Think well of yourself. Amplify yourself. Nourish yourself with favorable thoughts about yourself and others. Be in tandem with your self-regard and regard for others. They do go together. They are one and the same.

How much negativity you may hold for others is the exact amount of negativity you hold for yourself. This is so. It is also so that when you snipe at others, you are sniping at yourself.

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