Words of Power

God said:

If you wish your vibration to be higher, step over negativity. Negativity is a greedy weed, and it would overtake you under the guise of common sense. It would tell you that you can't succeed at something. You haven't before. Therefore, you can't now. And so you are stuck in the mire of the past. You stick yourself there.

Or, if even the possibility of success exists in a corner of your mind, you may talk yourself out of it. It may become a question of whether you will even try. When you see much of life as an arduous gauntlet you must run through, it is easy to convince yourself that you do not have the stamina to run through it. You may prefer to stay in a corner somewhere and nurse your wounds. Somehow downtrodden thoughts have become a blanket you throw over yourself.

Negative thoughts are not you. You are not beholden to them.

Watch your thoughts, and watch your language. No more name-calling. It is too easy and ineffectual to sum up your opinions by calling someone a name. Certainly, it is to no avail to call yourself a name. Muttered under your breath or out loud, a name attached to a human being is a one-word summation, squeezing life into a narrow rift.

Words as well as sentences have their own vibration. And vibrations echo.

If you were decorating a room, you would not put up pictures of ogres and disagreeable events. You would not pepper your room with some of the words you sometime use. And yet you may pepper your life with them.

You are the chooser of what colors you put in your environment. You set the tone for the room. And the room sets the tone for you as well. And so it is with the thoughts you have and the words you use.

I think you would like to make beauty. I think you would like to be in a beautiful place surrounded with inspiring people. Start now with your words. Language is a powerful element of life on earth.

Some of the words you mutter may be an affront to that which you desire. If you desire more angels in your life, use the word "angel" more and leave off the negative words. Do not affirm the negative in your life. Do not dash your hopes so readily. Turn the dial of your thoughts towards that which you desire and not that which you would cast off.

A negative word does not dismiss negativity. It propounds it.

If you want your life to bear the fruit you want, attend to the seeds you plant. That much you can do. Whatever seeds you cast, they will grow somewhere. And their roots are deep and their vines reach far.

Pluck negative words from your vocabulary. Your choice of words describes your life. Your choice of words encircles your life. Let your thoughts be gifts.

Enrich your life. Let the sounds you make call angels to you. Resonate high. Never mind the past. Resonate high now. You are the sounder of your voice.

Broadcast life to you. There are no secrets. Your thoughts are loud. Remember that you are on earth to plant seeds of love. You plant them with your words. Do not take your speech lightly. It is of great moment. Be emboldened. Let music trill off your tongue today.

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1 Heavenletter Haiku for

1 Heavenletter Haiku for you

Hello Friends,

God said start with words
Let the sounds you make be gifts
Call angels to you

Love, Light and Aloha!