power of words

Through Whose Eyes?

God said:

When you know how powerful you are, you will know how powerful your thoughts and words are. Therefore, demean no one, not yourself, not anyone.

It seems elementary to say, Be kind, and yet it has to be said. Be kind. Be kind to yourself as well. Be kind with what you say to yourself. Talk to yourself the way I talk to you with love unbounded. You will never hear Me say: "You idiot, what did you do that for?" Not even in jest will I. Yet you have been known to say or think that to yourself, and you, beloved, are a child of God! How can you speak to a child of Mine in that manner?

What Your Thoughts Create

God said:

Words may be one thing and truth another. Make sure that your words and truth line up. This seems so simple and obvious. Do not say what is not true for you, for then you weaken yourself.

Do not make promises unless you will uphold them. You may mean to follow through. You are pure of heart at the time you give your promise. Unless you live up to it, you have made a false promise, and you have weakened your spine.

When your words and truth are aligned, your spine follows. The body is form, and your thoughts create form.

The Star of Your Movie

God said:

Life is what you call it. Your words determine your life. Call it heads, and it is heads. Call it tails, and it is tails. Life is something you stir, put the cover on, serve to yourself and others. The soup of life may seem to come to you ready-made, but, even then, you are the purchaser of it. At least, you are the packager. At least, you carry it with you.

Words of Power

God said:

If you wish your vibration to be higher, step over negativity. Negativity is a greedy weed, and it would overtake you under the guise of common sense. It would tell you that you can't succeed at something. You haven't before. Therefore, you can't now. And so you are stuck in the mire of the past. You stick yourself there.

You Came from Love

God said:

I am all-encompassing. I am everywhere all at once. I never miss a beat. I hold the entire Universe in one embrace. I hold you in My embrace right now. My embrace is firm yet not tight. Within My embrace, you can do your own breathing. You can live your own life, so to speak. In your imagination, you can wander, yet you are nevertheless caught in My embrace. Caught in My embrace, you are yet freed. In My arms is the freedom you so desire. In My arms, you travel every coast.

Your Vocabulary

God said:

Remember what you are here for. You are not here for gossip. You are not here to inflate your ego. You are not here for others, and you are not here for yourself. You are here on Earth for Me. Consider Me the North Star over your shoulder. Look up at Me, and you will not dispense your life in pettiness.

Often you think pettiness is important. Sometimes you like to swim in it. Sometimes you call pettiness problems. You know you make much of them. That is the pettiness.

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