You Came from Love

God said:

I am all-encompassing. I am everywhere all at once. I never miss a beat. I hold the entire Universe in one embrace. I hold you in My embrace right now. My embrace is firm yet not tight. Within My embrace, you can do your own breathing. You can live your own life, so to speak. In your imagination, you can wander, yet you are nevertheless caught in My embrace. Caught in My embrace, you are yet freed. In My arms is the freedom you so desire. In My arms, you travel every coast.

I do not hold you on a leash. You are not My yo-yo on a string that I pull up and down. We are connected by heartstrings, and this is heartwarming. Noon and midnight, sunrise and sunset, We are in the hush of an embrace so comprehensive that no one is out of it. You are not separate from Me nor are you separate from the world nor are you separate from any person or anything in the world. The world is made of your thoughts materialized. You are the bowstrings of the world. You play the world like a musical instrument. The world is your violin. The world is your accordion. You play the keys of the piano. You beat a drum of the world and call it Destiny. I am your Destiny, beloveds. You are destined to be in My embrace.

Feel My embrace now. You can almost feel it, can't you? You almost sense that there is nothing in the Universe but you and Me. All this Vastness, all this huge embrace, and there is not even a you and I. There is One. This is unfathomable, yet this is the story. A world of Oneness was created. The Oneness of Creation spilled out in what is seen as many. A purse with one gold coin emptied itself on the sidewalk, and the one gold coin became many. Oneness became many-directed.

Oneness made raindrops of Itself. Mathematics became invented. Study was born, and attempts at studying the Impenetrable arose, and schools were built, and everything was taken apart, made into a jigsaw puzzle with pieces not put back, left to float around in a void of Fullness, mistaken for I know not what.

Words like trouble were designed. Once the word was made, its meaning had to follow. The word love was invented first, because love was first. Words called their image into existence. Words tooted their own horn.

All the while this was happening, I clasped you to Me, and I held you in My embrace. I hold you still. I hold you now. I swallowed you up in My love. You are not frozen in My love. You are warm in My love. You are the flames of My heart. You are the Burning Bush. You are My heart lighted up for all to see.

I am not seen, yet I am Known. By My children, by My flames of love, I am Known. Know what you know, beloveds. Know Our intimacy and snuggle in to it. Safe in My arms, you fly the Universe. Safe in My arms, you alight on Earth. We fly and We alight.

State your name. Your name is God's One Child. Your name is Love. That is My name too. We are One and the Same. There was a flurry of dust, and so it is said that from dust you came, yet you came from love, love inseparable from its Source, love, right and left, love dancing a tango with itself, love encapsulated and love distributed, and love loving as if love is all there is, and that's it.

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How much higher are God's ways

In the seeming checkerboard of light and darkness, where I would impute values and qualities that are not love, this checkerboard board, it is taken in a quick snatch and replaced by Light.

This little child I am, securely held in such Loving Arms - always safe, always secure, always certain always finely attuned to Love, I learn that I can safely let go of all in me that does not mirror the perfect brilliant Light.

I cannot sort these things, so I surrender them, for cleaning up, for totally removing; anything in me that is like a fruitless tree can go, safely, totally, because I do not want it.

Oneness happens, in ways I cannot imagine nor invent; in messages from the spirit in our One Mind, shared with all, the sticky bits gather up into a place where light can flood them into love and ancient terror flees and perfect union of Father and Son is born, where time is unreal, and all goes out to all.

Older experiences of this Oneness now gather together in collecting truth - this Holy winnowing of false identity and fears born of false beliefs - Oh, how much higher are God's ways!

And yet in all simplicity and humbleness, I stand proud, walk tall, and relinquish my dreams into knowledge, this process lasting as long as there is a need; until I have nothing that does not come from God, Our Father.



when you get to heaven and they ask how you want to be introduced to god answer with the last paragraph. "We are One and the Same."
if you separate yourrself by saying it's me or your role or job etc then they say, "come back when you know who you are."
best answer i have heard while visiting heaven is, "tell god his replacement is here."

Thank you Bernie Siegel. The

Thank you Bernie Siegel.

The answer I discovered again tonight in a much deeper sense than before is:

"I am spirit"

and wait in stillness meditation,

to find by waiting patiently where time stands still

and see God's Arms reaching down to me

and raise me up in light.

Oh, the wonder of the experience transcends all names and individuality and self-identity.


Oh, Bernie, I can just

Oh, Bernie, I can just picture your saying, "Tell God His replacement is here!"

I don't know that I could even say:"We are One and the Same." I might have to add a proviso, something like, "Er, excuse me, please, with all respect, I have understood God to say, 'We are One and the Same." Am I in the right place? May I come in?"

Now, whom are we actually talking to when we get up there, St. B.!

Thulanda, what you write is so beautiful. Thank you so much.

P.S. Dearest Thululanda, sorry about my misspelling your name. I will pay better attention. Is it your real name? What does it mean? Something lovely, I think.

To Sts G and B and all:

Thank you St G,

and may I please note that my name is thu-la-nan-da?
I like your question about who does the talking because I am learning I can only love or hurt myself.
I am just discovering the unity of spirit with spirit, and in grace and greater depth.
God being my Source, there are no words needed: only desire and wanting to live love in everything.
So far this is what I know and practice.


we are WATER and SPIRIT and that's how we can be born again and again.
and the name i was given in a dream many years ago was
when i had no idea what it meant was
satchidananda = being, consciousness and bliss

nice to share the bliss with you


Your name is sacred to me

I hear it like rushing water in a waterfall
like the sound of the wings of a dove
like the whisper of an angel giving messages
like the stillness of peace in God.

The beingness of soul lifts one out of the dreams of chaos in the world
Do you meditate on your name?
The Spirit uses all things to heal, restore, bring all together as one.


laughing Buddha rocks!

Blessed satchidananda

Have written a few words in appreciation

I thought posting it here might be too radical.

Have read one of your books and admire your courage.

Oh, yes, the immediacy of the miracle of sharing bliss....

laughing Buddha rocks!



Dear Gloria,

My name has two parts, both gifts to me.

Thula is name given by spirit, means 'be still',
nanda is given by life, meaning blessed, bliss
thulananda is: bliss in stillness, giving peace.
thulanda and thulunanda do not exist for me.
All names vanish before the name of God,
being love, to reveal the inner unity of soul.

Writing is for me like walking on the water. :-)

with love

5 Heavenletter Haikus for

5 Heavenletter Haikus for you

Hello Friends,

God said feel Me now
I Am everywhere at once
Caught you are yet freed

God said Beloveds
I Am your One Destiny
And your One Story

God said in My arms
You came from love right and left
Dancing a tango

God said yes you are
You are the flames of My heart
My heartwarming love

God said there is One
The Oneness of Creation
The Oneness of Love

Love, Light and Aloha!

Much thanks and love to all !

I have enjoyed every single word of this wondeful Heavenletter and of all the wonderful postings, more than the words, I have enjoyed the energy of love and joy that is so beautiful.
Silence is becoming more and more important to me and I love just to float in God's love, which is expressed and shared in such an amazing way in this Heavenforum !
Bernie, I'm enjoying your book "Love, Peace and Healing". I feel healing to be an important aspect of my being, and I am glad that I am approaching this step with your wonderful book.

Much love and thanks to all here, you are wonderful divine love rays !

You must be the Divine Spark

You must be the Divine Spark that sets us a Light! Thank you for Being here Berit.

Oceans of Love

Feel My embrace now

Feel My embrace now. You can almost feel it, can't you? You almost sense that there is nothing in the Universe but you and Me. All this Vastness, all this huge embrace, and there is not even a you and I. There is One. This is unfathomable, yet this is the story. A world of Oneness was created. The Oneness of Creation spilled out in what is seen as many. A purse with one gold coin emptied itself on the sidewalk, and the one gold coin became many.

This is not a comment, of course. I only felt like leaving a flower here.