free will

Who Is Being Realistic Now?

God said:

When you say that life is hard, what you are really saying is that life does not always give you what you want or what you demand and insist on. Demand and insist all you want, and you show your belief in winning, and you show your belief in losing as well. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. When you venture, the venturing is your gain. That you applied yourself is your gain. In the going for, you gain.

When you can accept that life does not have to deliver what you order, how hard will life be then?

What if everything is all right as it is, even when it doesn't live up to your desires?

The Diamond of Free Will

God said:

The freedom you crave for yourself is the freedom you are to give others. What you want is yours to give. That's how it works. Here's the story, dear ones. The more you order other people's lives, the less freedom you have. Of course, you might say you are free to order others' lives. Sure, you are. Sure, you can. Sure, you have. Sure, you do. However, in ordering others' lives, beloveds, you chain your life to theirs. The prison guard is no more free than the one who is the prisoner. The teacher is as confined to the classroom as are the students who sit in their seats.

Love, Free Will, and Oneness

Gloria to God:

Dear God, Julie sent a beautiful e-mail in which she praised Your words in HEAVEN. She said they were like "a cool drink for a thirsty girl". She emphasized how HEAVEN reminds her that she cannot fix others, that only You can. I certainly need to be reminded of that. I know that what I worry about is in Your hands. At the same time, I'm not sure that I'm supposed to sit here doing nothing.


Wondrous Stillness

God said:

Free will includes the discovery of what it is you will. Often you assert yourself, and you do not yet know what it is you want to assert. Will for the sake of will is not free will, beloveds. Bring your will closer to Mine, and you will begin to know what free will is really like.

Love and Peace Are Oneness

God said:

Aspire to personal and world peace in your lifespan on Earth. When you are in the midst of the flow of love, you will have enlivened peace. You will have fullness of peace. Put off nothing until later. Where did you get the idea that peace is something to wait for? Invite it to you now.

What Need Is There for Rule?

God said:

I am your Author. Therefore, I am in truth your Authority. Give Me your allegiance. Let the rule of the world ease away. What need is there for rule when there is a benevolent God Who resides in you? Those in love do not make rules. They are too happy to make rules. They do not think of imposing their will upon another. They are too busy in love to make ordinances.

Perfect Life

God said:

If you find yourself at a plateau, rest for a while. Be glad you have reached where you are and can stay a moment. You have been in a great hurry to rise, and now you can take a respite, sit down, smoke your pipe and enjoy where you are.

You have had many lessons in life, for life does teach you. No need to reflect on the lessons you have learned. Once learned, you don't need them. Certainly, once you have learned something, you don't need to study it.

Welcome a plateau like a park bench. The same way, don't mind when you have to get up from it.

Free Will

God said:

What shall I say but that all is well? That is a new thought. When was the last time you thought all was well with the world? And your place in it?

History is of the past. And the past is repeated. If the past is repeated, what has been learned? The past cannot be changed, but the present can. On what do your thoughts dwell?

A new era in the world can only take place within you. Your thoughts seed the earth.

Someone must think wars are still good, or there would be none.

Someone must think there is an advantage to war or there would be none.

You Came from Love

God said:

I am all-encompassing. I am everywhere all at once. I never miss a beat. I hold the entire Universe in one embrace. I hold you in My embrace right now. My embrace is firm yet not tight. Within My embrace, you can do your own breathing. You can live your own life, so to speak. In your imagination, you can wander, yet you are nevertheless caught in My embrace. Caught in My embrace, you are yet freed. In My arms is the freedom you so desire. In My arms, you travel every coast.

God Exists

God said:

How can a heart that longs for truth yet be cruel? Cruelty has lengths, but you have all touched it even if only in thought. Why does cruelty so consume your mind? Why does an ill-advised action of another consume you? Why does your belief in evil on Earth make you doubt Me? Doubt the cruelty instead. It is an aberration. It is an insult to My love. But dwell on My love and not the insult of the world. The more you dwell on My love — the more you immerse yourself in My love — the less cruelty will manifest anywhere.

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