What Need Is There for Rule?

God said:

I am your Author. Therefore, I am in truth your Authority. Give Me your allegiance. Let the rule of the world ease away. What need is there for rule when there is a benevolent God Who resides in you? Those in love do not make rules. They are too happy to make rules. They do not think of imposing their will upon another. They are too busy in love to make ordinances.

Certainly abide by the man-made rules, but do not let them rule you. Do not buy the limits they set upon you. You are not meant to be corralled. I set you free on earth. I gave you free will. Free will is the pendulum of your life.

Free will is better than obedience. Free will can accept or decline. It is free will that stops you at red lights. Free will is a Godly thing. Perhaps someone who must defy man's laws has less free will than one who goes by them. Compulsion is not free will.

Man's laws are little things, often little imposed annoyances. What do you care, for if you are bound to anything, you are bound to Me.

I shall give you My rules of love today and ask you to stand tall in them. Here are My rules of love:

Know you are blessed. Know this deeply.

Know I am with you. Know with surety.

Know that love is, and that you are a carrier of it.

Know that love is abundant, and that you are to give it abundantly.

Know yourself as a lover of the world and all those in it.

Know that you came to earth for the sole purpose of giving love. Any other purpose is secondary.

Know you, like Me, are a benefactor of the world. You act on My behalf. You will remember this always. You will remember that your hand acts for Mine. As My representative, you are crucial to the universe. Remember your powerfulness. Remember Who sent you here, and welcome all the others I also sent. Remember love.

Know that your influence is great. The great oak in a distant land hearkens to your step.

Know to be kind to all, the powerful as well as the powerless. Kindness does not put you above another. It makes you equal, for, in fact, you are equal. Oneness can only be Oneness.

Know that you are One with everyone and everything in creation. Know that you are responsible for the well-being of everyone and everything.

Know that you came to bless the world mightily in My Name. When you know all the blessings that are yours, what else can you do but bless?

Know that you have a responsibility to love yourself in passing. You are not the focus of your life. But with love, you can let your ego go. Your ego is of no importance. When you know your place in the universe and all I have assigned to you, what use could you have for ego? Ego is too little and too miserly for you.

You may have noticed that all of My above rules are about what you know. My rules are about awareness. My rules are not rules, but means whereby to raise your consciousness so it reaches Mine. I am telling you to be conscious of Who you are. When you are conscious of your Self, what rule could you possibly need? What advice could you use? When you have Self-Awareness, you don't have choice. You have Oneness. When you see from My eyes, there is no decision to make. From a vantage of love, what else is there to know but love?