Summer Cottage by the Beach

God said:

I dropped the anchor of My thought, and the world appeared, and you appeared in it. The Earth is a deep ocean of My thought. You stir it around.

My thought designed the mountains and the coves. I made a perfect world. You are operant in it. You are My good fortune on Earth. I placed you here. I secured you to My heart, and placed you on Earth where you discovered time and tapped your foot in space.

I created the Universe through the energy of My thought, and I created you. Through My auspices, you created linen and all manner of things. You played with the ingredients I gave you. As you played, you forgot it was play, and you became a spin-off of yourself. Everything became momentous to you and very very serious. You became self-important.

Leave your sense of burden behind you. Return to play. Make new tracks in the sand.

Be lighthearted so you can enjoy this brief dot of life on Earth. Heavy-hearted, how much can you play? Make life the play of your heart. Life was not meant to be a tragedy. Create a new genre. Let go of possessiveness.

Possessions decidedly topple. In truth, you have no possessions. Yet you rush to stockpile assorted possessions with your name on them. And your heart, which was made to swirl and soar in love, goes up and down like the stock market according to the events of the day.

When did you decide that the world was supposed to lead you by the nose? The world was meant to be simply a place for you to play in. Laughter was to abound on Earth. Everyone was to be free to play on the climb-around with you. You are a welcome occupant of Earth, but not a possessor.

You have held possessions to your heart. Honor has become like a possession. Right has. Youth has. Intelligence has. Will has. You are a user of all that you have been blessed with, but not an owner, not even a renter. You are a guest on Earth.

You don't need possessiveness. You do need freedom. You have been possessed by your thoughts. Your thoughts have tied you down like a tarpaulin. And now you free your thoughts. You possess them no longer. They came to you as waves. You welcomed them, and now you watch them go away as you would watch the waves of the ocean.

You do not even possess your life in the relative world. Your life is on loan too. You tote your body, and it totes you, but you do not possess your physical body. Certainly it does not possess you. Let not your thoughts of your physicalness overtake you. Tend to your body as you would an eager student. Give to your student generously. Be in accord with him but not preoccupied with him. Let your student follow you. He is not your guide. You are his.

What have you thought of your life as? A scary movie? A jungle adventure? A western plain? A mountain road? A steep cliff? Have you considered yourself lost on the trail with winter following at your heels?

You do wield your life. You presume it. You invite it. You design it. You paint it. Begin by naming your painting of life. What have you been calling the painting of your indeterminate time on Earth? Winter Cabin?

Try Summer Cottage Rental by the Beach.

Have I not invited you to come stay with Me here at the shore?