Perfect Life

God said:

If you find yourself at a plateau, rest for a while. Be glad you have reached where you are and can stay a moment. You have been in a great hurry to rise, and now you can take a respite, sit down, smoke your pipe and enjoy where you are.

You have had many lessons in life, for life does teach you. No need to reflect on the lessons you have learned. Once learned, you don't need them. Certainly, once you have learned something, you don't need to study it.

Welcome a plateau like a park bench. The same way, don't mind when you have to get up from it.

Stay and move. Stand and sit. Come and go. Flex your muscles, and relax them. Two rhythms of your life. Yet you are never without stillness, and there is always movement. You are always growing. In stillness you are, and in motion you are.

Sleep and wake.

One step depends upon the other.

Do not rush activity, and do not still the stillness.

Notice where you are, and go with it.

Swim and float.

Both are good. Both serve you well.

Everything serves you.

Night serves you with rest. Even darkness serves you. Even darkness of the soul serves you.

High noon serves you with sun.

You would like to walk on red carpet always, but sometimes another rug lies under your feet. Hail the red carpet, and hail the other rug. Hail them all!

Perhaps nothing in life is meant to be one way or the other.

Maybe you were not supposed to have a perfect mother and a perfect father and grow up perfect in a perfect family in a perfect world.

Maybe everything you have seen as imperfection has its place, has its purpose, has its function, has its responsibility. Perhaps flaw serves in the worldly realm.

You are all One; that does not mean everyone is the same. You would not want to be an automaton. You would not want to be perfect either, for then, where would your interest lie? Then you might as well stay in bed the whole day and night long, for what difference would day or night make? Perfect in sleep, where would dreams go? Perfect in waking, what dreams could you have?

Be glad you are a Human Being who grows.

You are not the same as you always were or were even a moment ago. In life on earth, you move towards perfection. You grope toward it, not even knowing what it is.

Perhaps this moment you have right now is perfect. Perfect in joy, or monotony, or agony, or dismay, or inanity, or ease, or perfect impossibility, or perfect everything. Certainly this moment is perfectly what it is.

Perhaps you are the perfect person in the perfect place at the perfect time.

Perhaps this moment is a perfect pang of exquisite joy or exquisite pain or exquisite whatever it happens to be. Or it is the perfect moment of imperfect joy or pain or imperfect nothing at all.

All the decisions you make about what kind of a day you are having! You give it a name. All the while the perfection of life is offered up to you. Avail yourself of it. No matter what side of life is presented to you, it is yours to take and yours to make it whatever you will.

You wouldn't choose perfection over free will, would you?