Wondrous Stillness

God said:

Free will includes the discovery of what it is you will. Often you assert yourself, and you do not yet know what it is you want to assert. Will for the sake of will is not free will, beloveds. Bring your will closer to Mine, and you will begin to know what free will is really like.

My Will is simple. I will you to be free to choose. I will for your head to be high so that you can see what you choose. I will for you to chosse life rather than to postpone it for a sunny day. I will for you to choose from your heart. I will for you to give love generously, not to economize with it, not to save it for another day, not to mince steps with it, but to dance it widely like a waltz with your feet hardly touching the ground.

I will for you to accept love from the universe. To know love when you see it. To honor all the gifts of the universe. To honor the gifts of every Human Being who strides or stumbles on Earth. To honor the earth beneath your feet. To always look upward, beyond the blue of the sky, beyond the light of the stars, beyond the rays of the Sun, beyond the silken light of the Moon, beyond the furthermost blinks of the stars.

Look far enough, and you will appear before yourself. You will meet yourself in the light of My love. You will not find yourself standing alone, because Oneness is not solitary. Oneness is rich, overflowing, mighty, eternal. Why, Oneness is like Me.

So you will finally meet yourself, and you will recognize yourself. You will say:

"God, I know You. I know You. I have always known You. I have always carried You with me, and yet I longed for You excruciatingly. Now I see my reflection in the mirror, and I see it is Yours. You shone a light through me. You penetrated yourself through that light and became me. I became You. We met at this exquisite juncture of light. We exulted in this bondless bond. We exulted in the love that We could not step outside of. We exulted in the rays of love that propelled themselves and Us forward, leaping love, love reaching near and far, love not letting a dram of itself be unused, love proficient in itself, love somersaulting, love rolling off a log, love running downhill like a mountain stream, love rising the way my eyes rise to Yours, love finding its way to more love, and more and more, love heaping, love making mountains of itself and seas of itself, love so effortless, so seamless, so complete, so happy in itself, love lapping the shores, exultant love exalting all in all its path, misting love, love saturating every spot on Earth."

Your free will is not petty. It is vast. It rides on Mine. It is as if you hold on to your end of a lasso, and I hold on to the other end, only there is no end, and there is no holding on, only letting go, only waving love in the breeze, only throwing love in an arc ever wider, ever fuller, ever vaster, ever resounding, ever cohering, Mighty Love, ever taking everything in its swath. What kind of a love is this that everyone is party to only to let it rise higher and higher, ever-widening, love like whirling dervishes, love twirling so fast it is still, it is wondrous still, and We bequeath this stillness of love and call it Our Will.

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