God Exists

God said:

How can a heart that longs for truth yet be cruel? Cruelty has lengths, but you have all touched it even if only in thought. Why does cruelty so consume your mind? Why does an ill-advised action of another consume you? Why does your belief in evil on Earth make you doubt Me? Doubt the cruelty instead. It is an aberration. It is an insult to My love. But dwell on My love and not the insult of the world. The more you dwell on My love — the more you immerse yourself in My love — the less cruelty will manifest anywhere.

My children have made an altar of cruelty. They exalt it in the newspapers. They set up courts for it. All the attention on it perpetrates it. And yet I exist.

The thought of legalized cruelty undoes you. The thought of mass cruelty makes you weak. Think, instead, of the goodness that reigns even amid the cruelness of man. Heroes are born there. Heroes come out of there. Kindness even in the midst of cruelty shines, for light reveals itself more brightly against the dark.

I am not an endorser of cruelty. I make no excuses for it. But I gave My children free choice. I cannot deny them it. Free choice does not mean only the choices I would make. It does not mean only the choices you would make.

More love has to be perpetuated upon the Earth. I give My All, but I do not interfere. I prevail. One pound of cruelty does not touch one ounce of My love. A ton of cruelty does not touch one gram of My love.

You do not know what anything is for. You do not know what anything does.

The reverse of cruelty would be love. It is a distaff side of love that would be cruel. Cruelty is an attention, and in all attention is love. Love, distorted as it may be, can be twisted into a cruel form of love.

Love begets love. Cruelty begets cruelty. Attention on love begets love. Attention on cruelty begets cruelty. Make more of love and less of anything less. Note the love that glows even in the midst of cruelty. Consign yourself to the love of God and man, and not the cruelty that separates My children in the world.

Sew the seams together rather than bewailing the split. You do not have to shake your fist at the cruelty. You do not have to pretend it does not exist, but your thoughts about it give it honor. You put it in the limelight. Do you have to?

Great mercy can step on the ashes of cruelty. Be merciful even to the cruel. Be merciful even to mass cruelty. Forgive yourself for your nether thoughts of it. Do not wring every drop of cruelty out of the remembrance. There is no need to prove that cruelty plays itself out in the world.

How you think and what you think about matter to the world.

Your mind can never understand man's inhumanity to man. It is not understandable. Man's search for power is not understandable. That man would deem weakness power is absurd, but what man of strength would have to be cruel to another?

The problems of the world are not yours to solve. Problems are not solved on the surface of life. Be the love you are. Exercise your heart. Contribute your love. Dismay and abhorence do not nourish the world.

Love triumphs over all adversity. Remember the beauty of life. Remember goodness and mercy. Remember that you are a congregation of My love. More will join you.