Freedom of Heart

God said:

The mind that thinks so much doesn't think at all. It doesn't think: "To what avail is all the cogitating I do?" The mind keeps on the same without regard to what is going on around it. It takes note, but keeps bulldozing through regardless of the situation. Thus, you have mindset. Your mind got programmed, and it is hard for it to stop.

The Petals Within

God said:

Life has layers. Nothing is flat. When you look out your window, you see the sun through the leaves. You see another tree beyond. And then a street and a sidewalk and a house. Beyond what you can see is another house and other trees and leaves. The sky may be as far as you can see, yet beyond the sky is more that you yet do not see.

Everything has a repercussion. Everything touches another and another. Everything has its own spinning vibration. Everything is many-layered. Rocks and sky.

You can always look higher and deeper. You can always look beyond. And you can always look within.

God Exists

God said:

How can a heart that longs for truth yet be cruel? Cruelty has lengths, but you have all touched it even if only in thought. Why does cruelty so consume your mind? Why does an ill-advised action of another consume you? Why does your belief in evil on Earth make you doubt Me? Doubt the cruelty instead. It is an aberration. It is an insult to My love. But dwell on My love and not the insult of the world. The more you dwell on My love — the more you immerse yourself in My love — the less cruelty will manifest anywhere.

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