power of thought

A Great Place to Be

God said:

It is true that the weather affects you. Everything affects you. And you affect everything too. Nothing happens in isolation. No one weeps alone, and no one laughs alone. You can be affected on the surface level and be aware or unaware, and yet you are affected just the same. On the silent levels, it is a certainty that you are affected by every nuance of the world.

God Wants Us to Make His Thoughts Our Own

God said:

Intend rather than try. I know that intentions have had a poor reputation in the world. Of course, there is intending and intending. Nevertheless, I ask you to intend more.

Think not of intention as a promise you make. Think not of intention as a result you must obtain. Just think of intention as something that requires nothing of you but to have it. Rather think of intention as a seed you plant. Think of intention as a dream you have. Think of it as a picture you have before you. Think of it like a premonition.

You Will Think in New Ways

God said:

There is that angle of thought that all illness comes from the mind. There is much truth in that, yet, in terms of day to day life, it is not so clear nor must it be, beloveds. There is more to illness than meets the eye. There is more to everything than meets the eye.

I have told you to disengage yourself from thinking about cause. There is the sense in which there is no cause. Consider, if there is no past, there can be no cause. When there is no prior, how can there be an after? There is simply whatever is right now.

Through Whose Eyes?

God said:

When you know how powerful you are, you will know how powerful your thoughts and words are. Therefore, demean no one, not yourself, not anyone.

It seems elementary to say, Be kind, and yet it has to be said. Be kind. Be kind to yourself as well. Be kind with what you say to yourself. Talk to yourself the way I talk to you with love unbounded. You will never hear Me say: "You idiot, what did you do that for?" Not even in jest will I. Yet you have been known to say or think that to yourself, and you, beloved, are a child of God! How can you speak to a child of Mine in that manner?

Stronger Than Hope

God said:

Be more than hopeful. Hopefulness is little better than hopelessness. How apologetic is hopefulness! It is very wimpy. It is lukewarm. It is undefined. Hope is like wishful thinking, and I have told you that your thoughts are powerful.

Hope is for when you bet on a horse and would like it to win. Hope is all you can do when you are in the stands watching. You, My beloveds, are far more than a bystander who has no say. You are an inciter.

What Your Thoughts Create

God said:

Words may be one thing and truth another. Make sure that your words and truth line up. This seems so simple and obvious. Do not say what is not true for you, for then you weaken yourself.

Do not make promises unless you will uphold them. You may mean to follow through. You are pure of heart at the time you give your promise. Unless you live up to it, you have made a false promise, and you have weakened your spine.

When your words and truth are aligned, your spine follows. The body is form, and your thoughts create form.

Beyond Reason

God said:

All the whys and wherefores put you on a treadmill from which you can never get off. So long as you look for reasons or THE reason, you go around in circles. You race nowhere. All you know is what appears to be. There is the sense in which you need to accept that there is no cause. B does not always follow A or lead to C. This acceptance can free you to move on in a new direction of thought and life. Reason lies on the surface and does not go beneath.

Great Blessings

God said:

You would be surprised with all I have up My sleeve for you. You will be surprised. Bounteous gifts are flowing to you like rafts in a river. Be ready. Have your arms out ready to catch.

Gifts are going to reach you the way checked-on luggage revolves at the airport. Be ready to grab fast. This is not a one-time chance. Your good fortune will come around again. It's all ready for you. But why not clasp it the first time around? And then you are on your way.

The Spring of New Thought

God said:

When you feel pain and suffering, you are wrapped up in yourself. You have forgotten your place in the world. You have confined yourself to tears and bemoan your solitariness and the neglect the world sheds. To a larger or lesser extent, this is the truth of suffering.

Whether you experience pain as physical or emotional, you have let it contract your world, and then you are appalled at the world for being less than it is meant to be.

An Alchemist of Vibration

God said:

Your vibration is rising high. This isn't something you make happen. It is something you draw to you. By your intention, your willingness, and generosity, you draw a higher note to you. You are calling it to you now. What do you think your moments with Me do?

There is no strain to heightening your vibration. Quite the contrary. It requires heaviness to keep your vibration from rising. Attachment to the past is heaviness. When you let go of the past you have been dragging around, you are lighter. You who are light are lightness itself.

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