What Your Thoughts Create

God said:

Words may be one thing and truth another. Make sure that your words and truth line up. This seems so simple and obvious. Do not say what is not true for you, for then you weaken yourself.

Do not make promises unless you will uphold them. You may mean to follow through. You are pure of heart at the time you give your promise. Unless you live up to it, you have made a false promise, and you have weakened your spine.

When your words and truth are aligned, your spine follows. The body is form, and your thoughts create form.

We are speaking of little things as well as what you call big things. In terms of truth, there is no big nor little. Half-truth is not truth.

If you say you will deliver something by Wednesday, deliver by Wednesday, or don't say it. Do not think it doesn't matter.

Note what you tell yourself. Do not make promises to yourself that you do not keep. Don't make promises unless you are going to keep them.

Anything that is away from truth, no matter how well-intentioned, is slippery and slidey. Truth is like your foundation. Use good bricks.

Watch out for disclaimers you make, like "if I can". Do you see what a weakener that is? It is your life you weaken. When you say "if I can", you are saying, "I am a weak wobbly thing. I may not have the ability."

Watch out for vague statements like "sometime" and "later" unless later is sooner than you think. Do you see how sometime and later are like dismissals with your hand? Do those words not say maybe? Are they not noncommittal?

Beloveds, you want to be committed to truth on all levels. Do not be off-center. Do not baby yourself with falsehood. You are a child of God, but not a helpless one. A child of God does not need subterfuge. He needs truth.

You might ask the question: "What about affirmations? Shall I say, 'I am happy today' when I may not be?"

Say the affirmation and make it true.

When you say, "I am wealthy", look around and see that it is true.

When you say, "I am healthy", is it not true that you are healthy enough to say it?

You can speak truth, and you can decide truth. Decide to be healthy wealthy and wise. These are your decisions to make. And then support your decisions with your words.

Do not be lazy with what you say. Be truthful instead.

Carry the idea in front of you to inspire others. Even when you are on your deathbed, you can inspire others. Being crabby is not your truth. Crabby is not who you are, so leave crabbiness behind.

When you are displeased, you do not have to say you are. Be mum. No one wants to hear your displeasure. You do not want to hear it. Find something you are pleased about. You can find it. Of course you can.

You may ask, "God, how does being in my truth fit in with Your advice to always say Yes?"

That's easy. Say Yes to the universe. Say Yes to yourself. Say Yes to truth, beloveds.