power of love

Deep in Your Heart

God said:

Deep in your heart is a well of love. It is your job to pull up the love and serve it to everyone. It is easy once you get the hang of it. Get the hang of it now.

You will create a fire brigade of love. The fire brigade you are part of will put out all fires. You will fill every home with the love from your heart. In unison with those you love, you will become an army of love. Can you feel the waves of your love now overtaking the land? How wonderful is this! Love surges through you and out into the world. This is what you are made for.

All Those Who Stand before You

God said:

You are an impressionist. You live by impressions. A glance tells you this. A sound tells you that. And you take your impressions and call them truth. They certainly are true for you at the time.

The Power of Love

God said:

What if you went to bed at night with the thought, "God loves me"? What if you woke up every morning with the thought, "God loves me"? Do you see how that one thought could change the world? It certainly would change you. You would take on a whole new vitality. You would feel like a different person. You would truly be coming closer to the truth which is that I love you with all My heart. It has never been otherwise.

As It Is in Heaven

God said:

What is there to speak of but love? You talk enough among yourselves about everything under the sun but not enough about love. No matter how you yearn for love, somehow it is not quite the topic of the day, as if love were surreptitious, something thought of but not to be spoken of in polite society.

Complaints about love seem to be acceptable. Love turned out not quite admirably, and that is considered worthy of discussion. Broken hearts are timely. Pain resulting from love is extolled, as if your great love meant great hurt.

The World Is Not Your King

God said:

Once upon a time, you floated on an ocean of love. From the ocean, you were cast onto shore. Now that you roam the earth, you feel you are landlocked. The very Ocean that carried you to land is lapping at your feet, and yet you feel far away from it.

Well, then, come closer. Come closer to this vast ocean. It follows you.

The Choice of Love

God said:

Say to yourself today:

"Today I give love. Whatever I do today, I will take a moment before to remind myself that I am one who gives love.

"Before I call customer service, I will remember I am to espouse love. I can make my claim, and still espouse love. Just as I take the time to dial the phone, I can press Star in my heart for love.

"The person on the other end of the phone may not yet know what service is and that he or she is to give love, but I do know, so now there is no excuse for me to give less than love.

God Exists

God said:

How can a heart that longs for truth yet be cruel? Cruelty has lengths, but you have all touched it even if only in thought. Why does cruelty so consume your mind? Why does an ill-advised action of another consume you? Why does your belief in evil on Earth make you doubt Me? Doubt the cruelty instead. It is an aberration. It is an insult to My love. But dwell on My love and not the insult of the world. The more you dwell on My love — the more you immerse yourself in My love — the less cruelty will manifest anywhere.

Be an Enricher of Hearts

God said:

The core of life is My existence, and not what is portrayed on the screen of life. On the screen of life the conflagration of minds at war with themselves acts itself out. The names of their acts are drama and tragedy. They are crying for attention, and they will be noticed. "See me!" they are saying. "See how you have denied me!" they are saying. "See how I make you notice me!"

And they are schoolchildren who carve their name on a desk. They make their mark. They sear their name across the sky of life.

Christopher Columbus and Christ

God said:

Your imagination is like filaments from the sun. You have seen photographs that show the sun's rays between trees in the forest. Your imagination is like that. Your imagination is not something to be discouraged but encouraged. Who is there qualified to say that the trees are more solid than the rays of the sun that blast through between and above them?

"Yes, My God, I Will!"

God said:

You are meant for big things. You are meant for greatness. Think great then. Think great now.

Don't scoff.

What greatness were you meant for?

Greatness is not of the world. You know that by now. But yet you can do great things in the world. You do them through Me, and I do them through you.

Your greatness may shine in small things. Many small greatnesses make big ones.

Your greatness may never be noticed. You certainly haven't noticed it. But you are the one to choose your greatness and to honor it.

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