Christopher Columbus and Christ

God said:

Your imagination is like filaments from the sun. You have seen photographs that show the sun's rays between trees in the forest. Your imagination is like that. Your imagination is not something to be discouraged but encouraged. Who is there qualified to say that the trees are more solid than the rays of the sun that blast through between and above them?

Your imagination feeds your desires. Perhaps We can say that desires are imagined thoughts. You have imaged them. And within the word "imagination" lies the word "magic". Let's call "magic" "majesty" instead because "magic" implies a trick, but imagination is no trick. It is seeing further. It is making a picture of what is to come.

Does the imagination create the picture, or is imagination merely foretelling? It matters not. Pictures are created in the mind, and then they are found. The pictures take you further. They call to you. They give you reason to move forward. They are love calling to you.

Culture imagination. Looking forward is not exactly the same as looking to the future. Whatever you see now, you once imagined. Imagining is not so much looking to the future but creating it.

How powerful are your thoughts!

When you think of disaster, you may be creating it. "That which you fear comes upon you." That which you imagine finds you. The power of positive thinking is not a false bolstering of yourself. It is creating a picture of what you want and perhaps of where you long and belong to be.

It is easy to point out the dismay around you. It is also easy to see a bigger horizon.

Perhaps there is no imagination at all. Perhaps there is simply foretelling the future.

Could Columbus imagine what already existed? He set out in search of India and found another continent in the place where he was looking. Was it his imagination that went past the fallacy of the flatness of the earth, or was it truth calling to him?

When you are without imagination, you are sticking to the flatness theory of the Earth. Being grounded is not being stuck to flatness. Columbus was not ungrounded. He was simply grounded in more than most of the folk of his time.

Folklore has a truth in it. Folklore is like a metaphor. The flatness of the Earth was a metaphor for the flatness or sameness of thought.

It is folklore that says that mention of Christ is religion. Mention of Columbus is not religion. It is not science either. Columbus and Christ were two men who walked the Earth with a vision far ahead of most. It is that simple. Columbus' concern was with the Earth, and Christ's was with Heaven. Each followed his own divine plan. They sought different fortunes, and each found his. That is divine, to seek your own truest heart and to find it.

Whether mentioned or not, We know that Columbus also had Me. Who was his Polestar if not I?

And Who pulls you with a force greater than that of a magnet, yet like a magnet? That is the pull of love.

Love pulled Columbus, and love pulled Christ, and love pulls you.

Where are you being pulled? Resistance to that pull is staying in the past. Staying in the past is making yourself stay in ignorance, or less than truth. It is keeping truth away. It is sacrificing truth in order to keep the past.

Must the past be so vital to you?

I tell you to break out of it. Break into the present. I quietly await you here. Come along.