positive thinking

Speak a New Language

God said:

There are many excuses in the world for not being happy, and yet the alternative exists for you to be happy. If you are not feeling happy or content or useful or whatever you want to call the essence of feeling okay and good with life, you have chosen what you are feeling.

In the Name of Life

God said:

There is no value in keeping a scorecard of your life. To gauge your life according to a scale of a remote standard is to find your life wanting. You cannot find merit without the shadow of demerit tagging along.

What is this rush to make your life better? Can you not find happiness where it already lies? Can you not relish each moment as it is served to you. Are you to pick and choose your life? Must you take your life to task and scold it?

Circulate What You Want to Receive

God said:

Everything in life circulates. Air does. Books do. Thoughts do. Everything in life recharges itself. When you are out in life, you circulate. But when you stay in, you also do. It is impossible not to circulate. All of life is a meeting with one circulating thing or another.

You even have been known to circulate the past, recycle it and bring it to the present.

Love circulates. Love steps out of the past. Forms of love may hold onto the past, but the love I speak of can only be present.

When There Is a New Look in Your Eyes

God said:

Now that I have told you not to carry over yesterday's hurt feelings or annoyances, today I want to tell you that this doesn't mean you must continue every relationship or every dealing with a business or anything. Let Us say that a salesperson in a certain store was inconsiderate or rude to you, and you are not happy to go there anymore. You don't want to harbor a sense of the rudeness and hold a grudge, yet you are also free not to return to the store. You don't want to make a big deal of anyone's inconsiderateness, yet maybe that store is not the right place for you.

Hurray for the World!

God said:

The way plants grow through the crust of the soil and appear, just like that a new world is going to burst forth. This is a long-awaited-for event, and now the spring of the world has come.

You, My beloveds, are the preceptors of this new world. You wanted it. You thought of it. You pictured it. You felt it. Your thoughts are pulling on Our submerged world like a strong magnet. Based on your thoughts, the world can only burst forth through the surface of life and reveal itself for the Heaven it is.

Help the World Grow Heavenward

God said:

World life is important to you. Naturally, it is and is meant to be. It is where you consciously spend most of your time. It may be repetitive. It may not always be scintillating. It may not even be your cup of tea. Yet it serves a purpose. It's better not to worship worldly life, yet you do engage in it no matter what. Why not enjoy it while you're at it, and make it wonderful?

Christopher Columbus and Christ

God said:

Your imagination is like filaments from the sun. You have seen photographs that show the sun's rays between trees in the forest. Your imagination is like that. Your imagination is not something to be discouraged but encouraged. Who is there qualified to say that the trees are more solid than the rays of the sun that blast through between and above them?

Heaven and Truth

God said:

You like to think of Me as God in Heaven. Think of Me now as God in Truth. Not that your idea of Heaven is inflated. Not at all. Your idea of Heaven doesn't go high or wide enough. But to My children, Heaven is a faraway place just beyond reach, a future sometime thing, a land of reward you weep for. But Truth is more immediate for you. You know more readily that Truth dwells on earth. You see Truth as more of an essence whereas you see Heaven as a place located elsewhere.

This Shimmering Day

God said:

From beauty comes beauty. From love comes love. From turmoil comes turmoil. Is this not obvious? This is why, as much as possible, you want to come from positivity and leave negativity alone. Negativity can portray itself very well without your help.

Good Morning, Sunshine

God said:

Good morning, Sunshine. Let Me see a smile on your face. Be like the sunshine, bright, gorgeous, shining all day and shining on all. Smile back to the Sun, and you will feel blessings all day.

Just about always, what you smile at smiles back at you. Make someone happy with an unexpected smile from you.

Expected smiles are wonderful, yet unexpected smiles are more wonderful.

Grouchiness has much the same effect. Be grouchy, and someone will be grouchy back at you.

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