How Can a Worthwhile Desire Not Come True?

God said:

To everything, there is an answer. It may not be an answer you want, yet it is the answer you get. You may not want to hear that answer, yet it is your answer. You wanted a different answer. And you yearn to know why that answer. Why a no to a sweet desire of your heart, and you want to know why, as if God has to answer you the way you would like as well.

When your heart’s desire is not fulfilled, all is not lost. Consider for a moment, no matter how heartbreaking the answer is to you, the answer you receive is the right one. How can it be, you ask and ask again and again.

You Are Invited to a Banquet

God said:

Today is a new life before you. What can it be but that? This day in timeless time has never been written on before.

Today is on the menu. What do you choose for this day? There are a multitude of choices. Today consciously choose. Set the course of your day by choosing. Do not leave it up in the air.

What occurs, you may not have the say of. What you wish to incur, you have all the say in the world. Whatever it is that you are seeking in life, seek for it today. Be on the watch for it. Set the table for it.

Christopher Columbus and Christ

God said:

Your imagination is like filaments from the sun. You have seen photographs that show the sun's rays between trees in the forest. Your imagination is like that. Your imagination is not something to be discouraged but encouraged. Who is there qualified to say that the trees are more solid than the rays of the sun that blast through between and above them?

A Perfect Rose

God said:

Seldom have you thought of Me as One Who Desires. You have thought of Me as One Who fulfills your desires.

Or you have thought of Me as One Who Wills.

Perhaps My desire and My Will are the same. Certainly, what I desire comes to pass.

The thought of you in My heart is the same as you.

I express a desire, and the desire is fulfilled. My desire for you was fulfilled the moment I thought it.

The form of a thought expresses the budding desire. Desire is a stirring, and thought is the recognition of that stirring. Desire is felt, and then a thought is made of it.

Where to Start

God said:

When things do not go right in your estimation, you were expecting something else. I have told you not to expect, but I do tell you to look ahead. Looking ahead is different from expecting. Start with what you want and how you want it, and work back from there.

If health is your issue, if you are in pain and bedridden, start from where you want to be, in good health and freed from your bed.

Don't start from where you are now. That will keep you where you are. That will keep you in the pain-ridden bed.

You must step out of your circumstances. In your mind, step out.

Sun, Stars, Moon, Rivers

God said:

You are learning to be spontaneous. You are learning not to plan so much. In other words, you are learning to live in this moment and not another, not past, not future, but this one moment right now. Yet you do not think: "I am in this moment", for when you are in it, you are in it. You are neutral, not attached, observant, but you are smack in the flow of My Will.

Spontaneous is life without words, without thought, without prediction, comparison, or substantiation.

Once-in-a-Lifetime Day

God said:

You can take days off, yet you can't skip a day. For the present, there is no break from daily life. You can stay in bed. You can go into the forest. You can go on vacation, and yet each day comes and gets you. A day has great determination and constancy. No matter how you feel, no matter what you say or do, a day comes for you every time. Days are on tap, beloveds. Some may go fast, some slow, yet they always arrive for you to play in. All the days mean to be of service to you. They mean to wake you up in the morning and put you to bed at night.

The Grand Illusion

God said:

Within the Grand Illusion lies illusion within illusion, one illusion on top of the other, illusion illusion every which way.

Within the illusion that this life as experienced on Earth is life entire, lies the illusion that you can lose something and be bereft. Of course, it is a subdivision of illusion that loss exists.

How many times have you lost something important only to find you haven’t lost it at all? It was right where you left it. You had commotion in your heart for no reason at all.

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