Sun, Stars, Moon, Rivers

God said:

You are learning to be spontaneous. You are learning not to plan so much. In other words, you are learning to live in this moment and not another, not past, not future, but this one moment right now. Yet you do not think: "I am in this moment", for when you are in it, you are in it. You are neutral, not attached, observant, but you are smack in the flow of My Will.

Spontaneous is life without words, without thought, without prediction, comparison, or substantiation.

Spontaneous is: You see an apple on a tree and you pick it and start eating it. Or, spontaneous is: You see an apple on a tree and you pass it by. Or, spontaneous is: You see an apple on a tree and you pick it and give it to someone else… Spontaneous is many possibilities, but only one at the time.

You did not ask yourself: "Do I really want to eat this apple? Should I eat it? How many calories does it have? What will someone think if they see me eating this apple? Should I save it for later or give it to someone else? What is the right thing to do?…"

The desire and the fulfillment are one motion, not a sequence of thoughts. The motion is not labored. It is not unconscious either. The impulse was conscious, not subterranean.

Desire and fulfillment are one.

There is not hesitation.

You are not weighing things.

You are not rehearsing for your life and planning your moves.

You are living life from a deeper level which is the same as to say a higher one. Not from a hidden level such as the subconscious, but from a deep high level of truth.

Spontaneous is being ready for life and not waiting for it.

Spontaneous acknowledges: "This is my life right now. This is how I am living it. And I can live my life as it comes with alacrity."

You are aware that your life is given to you to perform greatness, not smallness. Just have that awareness, and when you pick an apple from a tree or don't pick the apple, you are connecting to all of nature and Heaven on earth.

Nature reminds you of Heaven. The senses remind you of Heaven. As you enjoy (not to be confused with distraction from suffering), you are enjoying Heaven.

We can even say that there is one act in life. Only one. And that is knowing your value. And that is knowing your value to Me. When you know your value to Me and therefore yourself and all others, all is easy. You come from a higher plane. You come from a vantage of Heaven.

So long as you do not recognize your worth to Me, you grasp at everything or nothing, and you are a fluttermill. I did not give you breath to become a fluttermill.

You are one who gives and lives My Will.

The Sun is your chariot.

The Stars are your eyes.

The Moon is your benefactor.

The rivers are the flow of your life.

The earth is yours to serve, and those other Human beings on earth are your companions in service to Me and the great mission you share.

You are born of greatness, not smallness. You are born of purpose, not purposelessness. You are born of wisdom, not ignorance. You are born from and of love, not abstention from it.

My love made you. I made you from My love. My love is what you are made of. Nothing less. Accept your heritage.

Remember My love today as you walk through rooms.

Remember My love today as you chatter with this one or that.

Remember My love today as you buy and sell.

Remember My love today as you laugh and as you cry.

Remember My love today, and it will spontaneously be given.

Remember Truth, and your desires and fulfillment will be One.

Remember Truth, and your desires and My fulfillment will be One.