How Can a Worthwhile Desire Not Come True?

God said:

To everything, there is an answer. It may not be an answer you want, yet it is the answer you get. You may not want to hear that answer, yet it is your answer. You wanted a different answer. And you yearn to know why that answer. Why a no to a sweet desire of your heart, and you want to know why, as if God has to answer you the way you would like as well.

When your heart’s desire is not fulfilled, all is not lost. Consider for a moment, no matter how heartbreaking the answer is to you, the answer you receive is the right one. How can it be, you ask and ask again and again.

Make Three Wishes

God said:

What three wishes do you have today? What three happenings would make you very happy today? Is there any reason why your wishes for today cannot be fulfilled, really fulfilled?

I read your mind. You may think of a long list of reasons why your three wishes are still pending, yet how many times do I have to tell you to let go of the past? How many times do I have to tell you that fact and logic are of no consequence when it comes to matters of the heart? Be done with the past, and be done with your whole marvelous list of why your wishes cannot come true.

Sun, Stars, Moon, Rivers

God said:

You are learning to be spontaneous. You are learning not to plan so much. In other words, you are learning to live in this moment and not another, not past, not future, but this one moment right now. Yet you do not think: "I am in this moment", for when you are in it, you are in it. You are neutral, not attached, observant, but you are smack in the flow of My Will.

Spontaneous is life without words, without thought, without prediction, comparison, or substantiation.

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