Heart and Whim Are Not the Same

God said:

Sometimes it isn't easy to know the difference between your heart and whim. You want to feed your heart always but not your whims always. Whims are frosting. Your heart is the cake.

Frosting is good, but in proportion to the cake.


God said:

Practical is never enough. It is practical to tie your shoes, but that goes without saying. Practical does not fill your heart. Perhaps you need red laces or to go barefoot and to be impractical as well. On the surface, what is practical about flying a kite? or wishing upon a star? or laughing?

Folding sheets is practical. Laundry is practical. Washing dishes is practical. All these things you know. Do them with love, and your practicality is holy.

But also place stars in your heart. Be rambunctious. Delight in delight for no reason at all.

When Blossoms Fall

God said:

How can anyone be depressed when trees grow and flowers bloom? How can any heart feel depressed when even one apple grows on a tree? When one baby smiles. When there is even one such a thing as a baby gerbil to steal your heart. When there is music. When every forest is a work of art. When a crayon can make a mark on paper. When children play. When there are choo-choo trains. When there are puddles to stomp in. When winds blow. When blossoms that fall nourish their trees for the next year. When everything has a purpose. When purpose has a purpose.

The Openness of Innocence

God said:

It's a good thing when you don't know what to do, when you don't know what to say or what to write. It is good because then you offer openness. When you know, or know for sure, you offer closedness. And closedness is control. Openness is not.

Of course, openness has to be true. An appearance of openness while you are sure inside that you know the answer is not openness but a manipulation of it.

Innocence is unknowing. Innocence is openness. Innocence is the greatest knowledge of all. It is a clean slate. It is openness. It is freedom.

It is not controlling.

Godwriting, Godliving

God said:

When you write My words, you do not know where they are going. But you write them anyway.

I may say, "There are three points to consider." Having no idea what the three points are, you nevertheless write down: "There are three points to consider." Boldly you write down what you hear Me say. You have trust that that is what I said, and you have trust that you heard it. You have trust enough so that you write it down.

You follow My words. You follow My thought. You follow My Will. That is Godwriting.

And this is the way to live life.


God said:

When is a thought in your head My thought or when is it your own? When is it My impulse or your weary whim? When is it joy or merely distraction from something you don't want to think about?

When you are in My thought frame, you are not in past programming. You are not on automatic because that is from the past. Spontaneous is not automatic. Habitual is not spontaneous. Spontaneous is spontaneous.

The Unforeseen Journey, Part II

God said:

Life does not hold you hostage.

You hold yourself.

You hold yourself back by fearing to go forward.

In truth, you are on a one-way ladder. You can only go up it.

And you know that the steps of that ladder you climb lead to Heaven.

Life is the ladder you climb.

Look not down or back, or you become scared.

Just keep climbing, one foot after the other.

You do not have to ask where to put your foot next.

You do not have to hesitate.

This ladder is strong.

I made it.

I made it for you, and I made it for Me.

I help you climb every rung.

The Unforeseen Journey, Part I

God said:

Everything has its evolution. You do too.

You evolve.

You are not static.

You are alive.

You are viable.

Life teaches.

You learn.

Do not regret learning in life.

Rejoice instead.

Rejoice, and move on.

You move forward in life.

No matter what twists and turns your life takes, you are moving forward.

That is not effort, to move forward.

Effort is in not.

Effort is in holding on, not in letting go.

Encourage moving forward in your life.

Encourage the stars to shine, your eyes to lift, and your heart to bloom.

Sun, Stars, Moon, Rivers

God said:

You are learning to be spontaneous. You are learning not to plan so much. In other words, you are learning to live in this moment and not another, not past, not future, but this one moment right now. Yet you do not think: "I am in this moment", for when you are in it, you are in it. You are neutral, not attached, observant, but you are smack in the flow of My Will.

Spontaneous is life without words, without thought, without prediction, comparison, or substantiation.

One Thread at a Time

God said:

Instead of thinking that life is complicated, think of it as simple. How you think, you will have. Perhaps you want life to be complicated. In that case, continue to think that it is.

If you prefer instead that life be simple, then consider it so.

Simple has to do with one. Days unfold one at a time. Moments unfold one at a time. There is only one thing you can do at a time. There is only one thought you can have at a time.

When you assail yourself with many thoughts and do not pick one, then your life appears complicated.

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