The Power of Love

God said:

What if you went to bed at night with the thought, "God loves me"? What if you woke up every morning with the thought, "God loves me"? Do you see how that one thought could change the world? It certainly would change you. You would take on a whole new vitality. You would feel like a different person. You would truly be coming closer to the truth which is that I love you with all My heart. It has never been otherwise.

Know that you are loved, and your spine will straighten. Know that you are loved, and your eyes will brighten. Just know that you are loved. What a beautiful assignment I give to you! Come from the premise that not only are you loved but also that you are lovable.

If you knew you were loved and lovable, you would turn somersaults on earth. You would spread so much joy the world would spin. You too would spin with the joy of love. You would be brazen in love. You would dance across the universe. The world would become an opera of love. Love would crescendo.

No one would be embarrassed by it.

No one would be reticent.

No one would worry about what someone else thought.

No longer would questions be asked like: "Am I too forward? Will I be thought foolish? Am I wasting my time? What if somebody doesn't like me? What if my love is not reciprocated? What if I stop loving? What if I get hurt?"

You would let go of your hold on love, and so you would love more.

Love would be your constant companion, as I, in truth, am. Love would be your partner, not silent, but easily seen, nothing hidden, for what would there be to hide in a world that acknowledges love? The whole world would be at your feet because of the power of love, and you would be at the feet of love.

All through the day, think: "God loves me." When the phone rings, before you answer, think: "God loves me." Before you dial the phone, think: "God loves me." Before you do anything, remember: "God loves me." You need a reminder.

Keep your intellect out of it. Your intellect would keep you from truth, for the truth is that you are loved. Don't question it. Don't ask: "How can that be?" Don't recount a list of your errors. What does error have to do with love? Not knowing how loved you are has been your error, and We are remedying that now.

Make signs if you need to:

"God loves me. I am loved. Wherever I go, I am loved. Wherever I stay, I am loved. Whatever I do, I am loved. Whatever I don't do, I am loved. There is nothing in the whole universe but the love I am held in.

"Not only am I loved, I am a transporter of love. Wherever I am, I hand out love as I would candy. Love is the sweetness of life. But candy melts in the mouth whereas love melts hearts and quickens them."

Why would anyone want to live without love? Why should anyone who is so loved as you are ever feel bereft of love? What an illusion it is to think you can be without love abundant! I have too much love for it not to go around. You cannot hide from My love, nor can you escape from it, nor can you go beyond it. Love cannot abandon you, nor can you abandon it except in your imagination. You who may consider yourself realistic, if you think love is in short supply, think again. If you think you must prove that the world is loveless, concede that you are fighting a losing game.

Stand in love. I am beside you. You are the pulse of My heart, so near to Me are you. Register your heart in love. Your heart is pounding now.

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Love to All

Stand in God's Love.


Love to you

Amazingly beautiful ! God surely knows how to melt our hearts.