God's One Topic

God said:

Hello, My beautiful children! Thank you for coming to hear My heart today. What do I ever talk about but My heart? And what is My heart but My love for you? I give you an account of My love. And you are on account of My love, and I accounted you love. I burst through the seams of creation to enter your heart and find Myself there. You, who are in My image, are not yet exactly a replication of Me.

Repeated roses are not exactly the same, and yet, they are. You were planted in a field among many growing things, each unique, and yet each the same. Made of the same ingredients, each grows to Heaven in its own way, each way the same but each casting a slightly different shade of My One light. My One light the same, no difference, but it shines at its own angle, filtered by you. Yet there is no need to filter Me.

Know that there is no distance between you and Me, and there is no distance between you and another. Any distance or opposition you see is an illusion, a fog so thick that the mutual Oneness of My children is obscured but for a moment.

You can't help being you, you say, but you can reveal and see more of who you are. We are not talking about changing you. We are talking about the revelation of you. But you do not yet want to be revealed. You hide in the shadows the world has made, and you consider yourself, if not a figment, a tiny shard of existence when all the while you are the wholeness of existence itself.

You are My existence on earth. You house Me there. Where do I reside on earth if not within your heart? I am the resident God in your heart. I swim in your heart, and I seek your recognition of Our Oneness.

Find Me, find Me, find Me. I am not far. I am near. I am so near you don't see Me. I should say, your mind does not see Me. It is hard for your mind to let Me in, but your heart cannot let Me out.

Any scratching you feel in your heart is from your non-recognition of its contents. You have not paid attention to what you are holding. You have ignored the contents of your heart. You may have sold out your heart, and therefore you dispute another's.

All hearts beat the same. They play the same tune. They are all My instruments of love. Even beneath distorted notes, they play the same music.

It is not so much that you are to recognize the sameness of you. Recognize the heights of you. Stop crawling on the ground, foraging for crumbs of love and existence. Start reaching. Get up and fly. You were meant for great heights. Depth is higher, not lower. The depth of you yearns to soar to Heaven. You have yearned for years, when all the while, Heaven well exists in your heart.

The Kingdom of Heaven is Our meeting place. Heaven is where Our hearts join, and where you accept Our joining. Our hearts are already enjoined. Somehow you think there is some fearful step you have to take for Us to meet in Our Oneness, but nothing is needed but your eyes alighting on it. You will reveal yourself to yourself the moment you accept the possibility. You have considered the possibility for eons, but now is the moment in which you accept, not possibility, but actuality.

Accept the truth of existence. Accept My Truth. Accept the Truth of you. Do not fiddle around about it any longer. Know Whose song is in your heart, and claim it. Claim what is yours. Claim what was given to you from the first moment of existence. No one else can claim it for you. That which resides in your heart longs to be claimed. Can you not look within and find Me there?

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All hearts beat the same.

All hearts beat the same. They play the same tune. They are all My instruments of love. Even beneath distorted notes, they play the same music.

we are really in fantastic times to be part of this all!