Everything Beautiful in Life

God said:

Everything beautiful in life reminds you of Heaven. Jewelry is a reminder of Heaven. Art. Music. Nature, of course. Woodlands and ocean. Babies. Anything that helps you draw in your breath in awe is a symbolic reminder of Heaven. Each reminder gets tacked into your heart. We could say these tacks put you together. We could also say they leave tiny holes that long to be filled.

Any majesty you see, any beautiful waterfall, mountain, canyon, or drawing of them, any musical composition, great poetry, great saying, great love, is to remind you of your own majesty. If all is a reflection of you, majesty in the world reminds you of your own.

You have often equated size with majesty, but a tiny petal of a flower has its own outpouring of remembrance of wondrousness.

You may look into a pair of beautiful eyes, and the eyes are two wondrous blue seas but the wondrousness comes from beyond the eyes and the blue seas you see there.

And for whom is all the beauty in creation for? It is for you. It is to strike your heart with a gong. It is a clarion call of truth, and it rings for you.

You share with everyone, because that gives you more of the beauty. Each person you show beauty to — each person you show your heart to — is enriched by your sharing, but it is your heart that is enriched the most because you made room in your heart for a reverberation of Heaven.

What is Heaven but reverberation of My creation. It is the waves that go in and out. Ride the waves of My Being. Let Me carry you to Heaven with a fingertip of My thought.

You have awareness of entering the Kingdom of Heaven every now and then. You know what unparalleled happiness can exist in your heart. You know the flood of love. When you experience that, you are experiencing more truth of yourself. In a way, it is you that you must allow to enter your heart.

The Heart of Hearts is Mine, so you enter through Mine to find yours, and then there is no difference. One heart holds up the universe of existence. There is only one heart in the whole of existence, and whose is it truly but your own? Give your heart to the beauty of goodness, and you have given your heart to Oneness. Therefore you have given it to Me Who gave it to you. We reciprocate Our love. We play badminton with Our love. Sometimes We send it through circuitous routes, from one secular heart to another, but it always comes back to Me. All love flows through Me and is returned to Me. My love is a boomerang of love, and it encompasses the universe, My One Song. What is the vibration of My song but you?

How then can trouble enter the world? Can trouble enter My heart? It cannot. So then how can there be suffering and woe? The answer is there cannot. They are passing fancies, and fancies are not true.

What about massacres and cruelty you say. But cannot you this very moment know that they are but acting out of nothingness? They are some frenzied world thought that manifested from the unreality of fear. Remember, My joyous children, that whatever results from fear is untrue because fear is untrue. It seems real because you see it. It seems real because you have feared it.

Sometimes in the world there is an avalanche, but an avalanche is not tragic. It is a new wave that opens up another wave. Surely goodness and mercy shall follow you all the days of your life.

The truth is that all the relative life is fiction. In the world of fiction, there are many genres. There are thrillers. There are love stories. There are epics. Fiction is a reflection. It purports to truth but it is not. Truth is not fiction. Love is not fiction. Less than love is fictitious.

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