Love, Free Will, and Oneness

Gloria to God:

Dear God, Julie sent a beautiful e-mail in which she praised Your words in HEAVEN. She said they were like "a cool drink for a thirsty girl". She emphasized how HEAVEN reminds her that she cannot fix others, that only You can. I certainly need to be reminded of that. I know that what I worry about is in Your hands. At the same time, I'm not sure that I'm supposed to sit here doing nothing.


Think love thoughts instead of despair thoughts. How you overcome despair thoughts is by thinking of Me. Think of how much lighter you feel when you think of Me than when you think of what you see as problem.

The vibration you feel at any given time multiplies through the universe. Send the vibration you want, not the one you don't.

Your thoughts vibrate within you also. Give light to your body and not shadow.


I was reading a few pages in a book last night in which an Indian saint, Anasuya Devi, was reported as saying that You do everything and are responsible for everything because You are all that there is. If someone drinks to excess or steals or causes mayhem, the individual is not responsible — You are for You are the One Who created everything, the good and the bad.

I know You are the Doer, and yet in certain contexts, I don't believe it. I think You are a Watcher too, and where is free choice?


That Indian saint is saying that you might as well accept all as God's Will and go on from there.

Of course, she did not see anything or anyone as bad. She saw naughty, but not bad.

Her view is another way of letting go of the past, do you see?

She saw Me as a Commander and My children as soldiers filling the ranks. Here is a slot for this kind of soldier and here for another, so robbers and murderers are filling a slot in God's plan, that they are volunteers.


I read somewhere once about an alcoholic who was on that particular street corner in that condition for the benefit of someone who passed him every day. Is that the same as saying that all that happens is for good?


There is purpose in everything.

From My vantage, I see that all are reclaimed. I see there is no pain, no death, no wrong.

There are ingredients, and you cook with them. With the same ingredients, you make different cakes.


God, is it our choice the cake we make, or is it as that saint said, we make the cake You order us to make?


You can even change the cake you make in the middle of baking it.

What you do not have free will in is your return to Me. That is established.

How long you want to take, and what road you want to travel on, are yours to choose.


Have we chosen before birth?




So we are playing out what we have chosen?


You are choosing every minute. You go along with your choice or you don't.

You have chosen to be a Godwriter. At any moment you could choose to be a derelict. By the same token, a derelict can become a Godwriter at the twinkling of an eye.

I set this world in motion. I flung out the ingredients, and I asked you to pick them up and arrange and rearrange them.

Whatever "errors" you have made, the ingredients I gave you will lead you to light because that is what you are made of.

All the ingredients I tossed in are imaginary, and the real is your true nature of Oneness inviolable.

There is only a happy ending to this story. In truth, there is no ending, no arrival, because there was never a departure, and no beginning but Isness traveling through imaginary time and space.

I put Myself "out there" to play. I put Myself "out there" to enjoy. I put Myself "out there" to experience, and each of you is My experience. My experience through you ravels and unravels.

So that saint is correct. I am responsible for everything, and so are you, for We are One.