Where God Has Been All Along

God said:

No longer will you belabor points. You will let more of life fall where it may, like a springtime rain, like blossoms from a tree, like words from a page.

When you read a book, you don't try to change the words as you go along. Like petals, you let the words fall where they may. Of course, with a book, if you don't like it, you can stop reading any time you like. You can get off in midstream. You don't even have to begin reading a book that doesn't appeal to you at all.

You Came from Love

God said:

I am all-encompassing. I am everywhere all at once. I never miss a beat. I hold the entire Universe in one embrace. I hold you in My embrace right now. My embrace is firm yet not tight. Within My embrace, you can do your own breathing. You can live your own life, so to speak. In your imagination, you can wander, yet you are nevertheless caught in My embrace. Caught in My embrace, you are yet freed. In My arms is the freedom you so desire. In My arms, you travel every coast.

Yes, Free Will

God said:

You do have free will. I gave it to you.

You could say I gave you the world, and that the world is illusion. So you might say I gave you the illusion of free will and not free will really. You might say free will is a myth, perhaps a come-on.

You Are Ready for God Right Now

God said:

One of your misconceptions is that you must get ready for Me. You think you have to purify yourself. You think you have to change your life. You think you have to do something. You think you have to eat some magical foods and not others. You think you have to say some certain words and avoid others. You think you must prepare yourself. You think there is a procedure you must follow. You think you have to be different before you can appear before Me. That is not so.

You Are from the Stars

God said:

Your dream of dreams is about to come true. I am not speaking of your surface dreams. I am speaking of the deep-lying dreams within your soul. You may not even know what your real dreams are, beloveds, so immersed in the material world are you, yet you might as well know that something so amazingly wonderful is on its way to you, and you will know it when you see it. Look for it lightly. Don't hold on to it. Just know you will have it. You will have it as the day has the sun and the night has the moon and the stars.

Like a Night Sky Filled with Stars

God said:

You are vibrating to a higher consciousness now. It was inevitable, and now you are here, you who have thought you were on a long winding path that would always stretch into the future. It’s here now. Accept this new energy with alacrity. Do not evaluate it. Simply accept it as yours.

This is what you have been waiting for, and now you want to analyze it? Just accept. Say thank you. Say thank you to yourself for accepting it.

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