You Are Ready for God Right Now

God said:

One of your misconceptions is that you must get ready for Me. You think you have to purify yourself. You think you have to change your life. You think you have to do something. You think you have to eat some magical foods and not others. You think you have to say some certain words and avoid others. You think you must prepare yourself. You think there is a procedure you must follow. You think you have to be different before you can appear before Me. That is not so.

All you have to do is to believe in Me. If you cannot do that, then believe in the possibility of Me and that what I say to you is so.

You do not have to take a bath.

You do not have to wear certain robes or certain colors.

You do not need a crown on your head.

You do not have to fulfill certain criteria. That is the world's agenda, not Mine.

You are My child, and you can come to Me at any moment you decide. You can come to Me right now. You can stand before Me as you are right now. You don't have to comb your hair. You don't have to smooth your clothes.

I do not see those things. I see your light, and your light makes My face light up.

How would you feel if your long-lost child decided she didn't have to prove anything, didn't have to show you anything, didn't have to be a great success before coming back, didn't have to have a speech ready, didn't have to do anything but come to you? That would be enough. That would be all you asked. To hold your child in your arms again.

Tell Me, how would you feel if your long-lost child appeared at your door?

You had been seeing your child all the while. You had been following her, but she did not think she was good enough to see you yet, while your eyes had been following the light of love that called to your heart. You didn't see misdemeanors. You didn't see outward success either, and you certainly weren't waiting for it. You saw the light essence of your child. You saw the joy that the appearance of your child would give.

Is it some kind of pride that keeps you back from your destiny?

Your destiny is not what happens on earth.

Your destiny is your path, and your path is to Me.

Your destiny is not what you pick up along the way.

Your destiny is My door.

Your destiny is reaching Me in your awareness.

It is only your awareness that is needed.

Everything else you have, and everything else is done.

Only your acceptance waits.

Your Father, the King, tells you that you are ready to present yourself before Him. He tells you that you are the true Princess. And you say, "But I don't have the perfect gown!"

And I say, "It is not the gown that makes you Princess. It is your birth that makes you so."

You are all Moses in the Bulrush. You are all the children of royalty. All are My royal children. No matter under what circumstances you are found, you are Mine, and Mine alone.

This is your story. You forgot it.

My question to you is: "Do you believe in the outward appraisal of your birth more than you believe in Truth?"

I do not think you can believe in both.

I do not think you can believe you are nothing but your skin and believe in the truth of your birth at the same time. I don't think you can believe you are a pauper and a Prince. There are no poor princes. A prince by definition is wealthy.

And, so, you must accept the truth of your wealth and not perceived conditions.

You have a huge bank account in your name, but you forgot your name. I am asking you to remember it. If you cannot remember it, I am asking you to take My word for it.

Whose word do you take? I offer you Mine. I am your wealth, and My word is coin. And I say that I hold gold for you to claim. I further say that you are My gold, and I yearn for you to claim yourself. When you know My worth, you will know your own, for in essence, We are One and the Same. Appurtenances don't matter. Essence matters.

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Wow, what a breathtaking

Wow, what a breathtaking amazing and wonderful Heavenletter !!!

much love

Yes Berit

These HL words and the comments that follow are for you Berit, for me and for all of us...who desire to know the truth.

What would happen if we realized...truly realized that there is nothing to prove...nothing to figure out...nothing to do...nothing to justify....absolutely nothing....This is it!

Loving myself and loving God loves us both. Jim and Jimi.