ready for God

The Worry Chair

God said:

Are you perhaps in the habit of agonizing over something or anything? If it is not one thing, it is another. If this is the case, substitute another habit. Take up the habit of knowing that wonder upon wonder is on its way to you. Get in the habit of knowing that wonders beyond wonders are already on their way to you. Take My word for it. You are being blessed this very moment, and more blessings are racing to you. Lickety-split, the blessings rush to you. Hold up your hand so that the blessings upon blessings can find you easily.

How Happy the Universe Will Be

God said:

What I AM, you are. I have given you Myself. I have given you everything. What is your excuse now, beloveds? What excuse do you have now for not revealing My glory? What excuse do you make now for not surrendering yourself to My very heart which is yours? When are you going to stop playing the zany comedian who trips himself and wonders how he fell?

What meaning will you attach to what I say when I say you are My child, when I say that you are not orphaned, when I say that you are not left outside in the rain? What will you make of what I say? Will you just shrug your shoulders?

Surrender to God like the Earth to the Sun

God said:

Although time is not, there is a moment that comes when the Sun peeks its head up over the horizon. The Sun lifts up its shoulders at its inception over the crest of the earth. It is a steady motion, the Sun beginning its day on your side of the earth.

Of course, it is the earth that is rolling to the Sun.

You could say that the earth is the puppy that rolls over to be petted by the Sun.

The rolling over is surrender.

You Are Ready for God Right Now

God said:

One of your misconceptions is that you must get ready for Me. You think you have to purify yourself. You think you have to change your life. You think you have to do something. You think you have to eat some magical foods and not others. You think you have to say some certain words and avoid others. You think you must prepare yourself. You think there is a procedure you must follow. You think you have to be different before you can appear before Me. That is not so.

Comfort, Change, and Commitment

God said:

Dear Children, you do not need to be comfortable. Comfort is stasis.

You do not need to be uncomfortable either. Uncomfortable comes from control. When you have to be in control, you feel uncomfortable because control is resistance. Give up your control, and comfort and discomfort will be things of the past. They are of the past.

You not only have been wanting a smooth ride, you have been wanting a free ride.

You want transformation, but you do not want change.

You want what you want when you think you are supposed to have it.

Think more about Me.

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