The Open Door of Your Heart

God said:

What you have been doing is lying low. There is no need to lie low. You lie low when there is danger. You lie low when you are uncertain.

Now you stand tall because you know Who you are. Now you stand tall because you know there is no danger. Danger is an illusion. You see danger where you have attachment. Attachment is of the world. Danger is a mass illusion of the world. And then the world does its best to prove in the existence of danger by dancing to its tune.

The world says that danger lurks around every corner. It lurks unseen as germs. It lurks seen as foes. But all of this is your imagination projected on to a screen. What you have projected, you can un-project.

You have made your projections large and yourself small. You have put your pictures in the bright light of the screen, and kept yourself, the true light, hidden.

You have been lying low because you did not know better.

You dodged unseen germs because you believed in them. And you have dodged Me because you don't believe in Me. What irony!

Choose to believe in what you will.

You have choices.

I gave you the ability to make choices.

Choices are yours.

You can believe in frailty if you like.

You can believe in nightmares.

You can dread your very existence if you so choose.

You can hide from My light and yours.

You can laugh at Truth if you like.

You can denounce My light and yours if you wish.

You can deny Our light.

You can defame it.

You can rail against it.

No matter what you do, no matter what you think you do, you cannot sully Our light. You cannot amend it. You cannot change it. You cannot spoil it. You cannot mar it. You cannot make it go away.

Our light shines. With or without your permission, Our light shines.

Accept the inevitable.

The Inevitable is long-lasting.

It is eternal.

The Inevitable is right before your eyes, but you will not see what is right before your eyes. You will see what you imagine you see. You will grab discrete objects out of corners and pull them together into a logical picture that bears no resemblance to truth, and you will go by that collage rather than by truth.

What a testament to the free will I have given you.

You will see what you fear in preference to what you love.

What if you looked for what you love rather than what you fear?

What if you gave credence to love rather than to fear?

What if you underscored love rather than fear?

What if you flicked fear away like the pesky mosquito that it is?

What if you welcomed love?

What if you made a place for it?

What if you let it fill you?

What if you could become it?

What if you are it?

Would you not rather welcome My Oneness than all your divergence?

To what do you open the door?

To anything that seems to come along?

To whatever the cat brings in or the wind blows?

How about symbolically placing a sign above your door? Bless this sign with your fingers and your lips. The sign says, "God is welcomed here. And you who seek God are welcome here. From now on, Light comes in this door. And only Light leaves from this door. Because Light is all there is, and you and I are light. Anything less does not exist. No longer do I believe in the existence of anything else. I have given up my ignorant pictures and now I claim God's Truth, Beauty, Love, Wisdom, Peace, Joy, and Light as my own."

The door We speak of is your heart.

Your heart is open.

The mind no longer filters what will enter the heart and what will not.

The mind no longer imagines that falsehood is true. The mind now adheres to what is God's truth, and not its imagined own.


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